Vancouver - Holt Renfrew

  1. ok i admit i havent been there in a couple of weeks...! but i just went there today and there was an AMAZING array of balenciagas and they were all out on display!! there was the hobo, the twiggy, the city! the workbag! everything!!!! there was about 15 bags on display and more in stock!! they also have the blueberry in all the sizes!! :yahoo:i almost had an orgasm handling all the distressed leather!! :love::cool:
  2. they have the blueberry... in all sizes??? ***passing out***
  3. what??!! I live in Vancouver and they were supposed to call me when they got new bags! I can't believe this! Did they have the red?
  4. THey finally brought it out from the back room!! can't wait to see it!!
  5. I think they all came out on Tuesday??
  6. No, they don't have the red. Holt's Calgary doesn't either, They weren't sure if they had it ordered :sad:(((((
  7. Thanks for the info. I can't believe they didn't call me--I am so mad cause I specifically asked them to call me when they got them in and they made it sound like they wouldn't have any for a long time. I hate bad service! :rant:
  8. I agree.
    I'm also pissed that they aren't sure if the buyer for Holt's bought the red. How insane would that be?!
  9. Sorry for the rant ladies--I just always get such crappy service from them. I am ready to take the bus to Seattle to go to Barney's! Maybe we can plan a PF fieldtrip for those who live in the greater Vancouver area! :lol:
  10. Thanks for the info Orinoco! I'll be going downtown this Wed. and will drop by to check them out....can't wait:biggrin:
  11. I'll have to stop in the Holt's here and see what they have. I'm curious to see the new fall colors in person. Thanks for the info!
  12. Why can't they have B bags in the Québec Holt Renfrews!?? :cry: :cry: :cry: ​
  13. Hi avery,
    You should! The Seattle Barney's people are so nice. Now, the BH Barney's...another story.
  14. I just went to HR this morning and it looks pretty good, although the leather varies GREATLY, so be sure to get them to bring out a few!
    Is the first still $995 in the US? It was $1445 CAD at HR, which seems like a lot these days cause our dollar is so good.
  15. I just went to Richard Kidd today and they some colors on display, a few clutches, weekenders. Some previous seasons included the magenta large pochette/clutch with flap, a pewter makeup/clutch, bordeaux day and one other. They had an ink, blacks, blues, whites, emerald, lilacs, and dusty rose (the twiggy lin this ooked just like calcaire..almost white) and a few others I can't remember in various styles. Just another option if you're in vancouver.