Vancouver Hermes has some goodies today!

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  1. Went in to buy perfume...ended up drooling over bags too!

    There was a Gold Ostrich Bolide, 3 Kellys (20cm,??32cm) a Massai, purple croc cosmetic case of some kind...lots of croc bearns...2 lizard kelly clutches and 25ish cm HAC I'm terribly sorry I cannot remember most of the was overwhelming in there!!

    Next time I'm going to snap some secret cell phone pics :graucho:
  2. Thanks for the report! I live in the B.C. interior and am considering a trip, but don't know how large or well-stocked the store tends to be.
  3. i went there too a couple weeks ago. they had plenty! but no birkin=/ the nice SA was able to put me on the list though=) he was really awesome! did you see the red kelly on display or was it sold?
  4. Wow, it looks like Hermes Vancouver has a pretty good inventory. Maybe I should make a trip up there. After all, I do have relatives there.:nuts:
  5. Red Kelly? :nuts: That sounds hot!!!:drool:
  6. There was a lighter red (sorry, not sure of the correct name:s) kelly there...looked like a 32 in box leather...still learning the Hermes leathers and sizes!!
  7. ^nice! What hardware, Mich?
  8. I believe it was gold...I was in complete Hermes overload mode and am not sure what I am remembering correctly!!
  9. The red Kelly has been there for over 1 month...
    its not really attractive IMO ... the orange (that I considered) was A LOT MORE BEAUTIFUL.. they had a BJ Mini Kelly but that was sold... they now have a black mini Kelly *sorry I dont know the leathers*
    And yes the Bolide was tdf!!!!
    The purple croc make up pouch was nearlu 8000 *yikes thats A KELLY*
  10. ^oh forgot to say the Red kelly was larger than 32cm (because the orange was 32) and hardware is not was palladium I think* souple and overall, I think not as elegant.
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