Vancouver Gucci sale!!!

  1. I can't wait till Tuesday the 6th to pick up all my stuff!!!! Who else is going that day?? Maybe we'll see each other! I'm thinking noon time for me :yes: .
    btw how was the trunk show last night?? I couldn't make it :sad:

    For those of you who haven't picked anything up yet ask for Clint Daniels 604-488-0320 ext.306 he's my SA and he's absoultely wonderful!!!
  2. hello??? i can't possibly be the only person in Vancouver excited about the 6th??? :sad:
  3. what theres a sale??? do u know whats gonna be on sale??
  4. What did you get?
  5. I put a lot of things aside. But i'm slowly trying to revise my list of items to pick up since i have a tendency to buy things because its on sale, and not because i absoultely love them. I will post pics once i pick things up.