Vancouver - BC

  1. I'm just curious if anyone is from Vancouver, BC. And what their favorite LV store in Vancouver, whether it's the Holt Renfrew, or Hotel Vancouver. I was on business last week - and went to a Holt Renfrew in Edmonton. It was very excellet customer service. I would love to buy all my future wish list of Louis Vuitton purses from there as Alberta has no provincial sales tax!! :yahoo:
  2. ^ if only ontario produces oil we wont have to pay 14% tax

  3. :lol: At least we are down to 14% now instead of 15%!:wlae:
  4. I'm from Winnipeg but we alway go to both LV's when we are in Vancouver and I like the one in Holt better.

    When I ordered my speedy (it should be here any day!!! eeee) I ordered it from the Holt in Calgary to get out of paying PST :smile:
  5. I like both Van locations... no huge preference. I like being inside Holts, but I like that the Hotel Van one is freestanding and has a more spacious layout.
    BTW, hope you enjoyed your trip to Edmonton! I live here, and the Holts here is GREAT... I love living in AB. The no PST is awesome!
  6. I had very nice SAs at the Edmonton Holt but I wish their little LV space wasn't so small.. it's just a counter and only has a few bags on display.
  7. I enjoyed my week in Edmonton. I stayed at Fantasy Land - and enjoyed the shopping at the World's Largest Mall - and enjoyed the Imax Theatre. First time ever seeing an Imax (Superman 3D). I'm from a small town, we don't have an Imax. But we have a theatre. I could tell the difference that not paying provincial tax makes in a week lol and only paying the GST. And yes, I'm happy it's now only 6% GST. :yes:
    The weather in Edmonton was so nice, but by Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, it was rainy. I found myself trying to protect my LV straps of my purse. I sure must of looked funny with my purse so hidden in my jacket. But it was brand new. There's so much shopping to do in Edmonton lol. I'll be in Vancouver during the Labour Day long weekend. Thanks for replying, as I'll check out both locations in Vancouver. Edmonton Holt is small, but I enjoyed the building has underground parking! :smile:
  8. i've visited and bought from both the holt's location and the hotel vancouver store. i much prefer the hotel vancouver location. the store is 3x the size, the SA's are much friendlier and willing to help you. the holt's lv doesn't have as much staff obviously because it's smaller and they always seem to be busy with other clients and you can stand around for 10 minutes before anyone even acknowledges you. i've found the SA's at hotel vancouver to be wonderful. they go out of their way to help you, don't make you feel rushed and are very friendly. i definitely recommend it if you are coming to vancouver to shop!
  9. Oh ya, Edmonton took a few days to get used to. I know Vancouver city much better, as I've lived there when I was younger. But Edmonton was so fun to get lost at, as we would end up finding neat places to browse around. Hotel MacDonald is where we stayed the first night, as Fantasy Land had no vacancy. I found Fantasy Land is an old place, but your paying location. And my husband loves that Edmonton had two golf towns lol.
  10. I'll check out Hotel Vancouver LV. It does look much larger. In my job, I rarely travel, but I take the opportunities when they come. Edmonton didn't have everything. But I was so happy with the good customer service.
  11. dazlinpearl, you were in Edmonton? I live there! Did you have time for shopping and West Edmonton Mall?
  12. Im from Vancouver! Yah hehe...
    Hmm I say Hotel Vancouver because they've got awesome SAs and its bigger, and you get the actual LV receipt not some Holts receipt.
  13. yay, great info! Vancouver is one of my favorite cities of all time...I will add LV to my list next time I am up there (probably in the fall catching a couple Canucks games, yeah!!)
  14. I'm from Edmonton too, and hope that you enjoyed your stay here! Yeah, our LV counter at Holt's is pretty small but the SAs are really nice and helpful.

    I was just in Vancouver and visited both LV locations and would say that the Hotel Vancouver one comes out tops for me. It's larger (i was surprised to see a security guard at the door!), has a lot of displays, and the customer service is fabulous. Hotel Vancouver also has a nice Gucci store too. Overall tho Holt Renfrew has a nice handbag department with a lot of different brand which makes browsing a pretty fun experience too.
  15. i'm from van... and it's DEFINITELY hotel van that wins hands down! i've only met one SA there who was a biatch... but the cute security guard (i think? he seemed to be in charge of everything :shrugs:) made up for it by apologising and bringing me into the back room.. :love: