Vancity Ppl!!!

  1. i just saw badbananagirl's thread.... :hysteric:SO JEALOUS!!! :shame: *you lucky lucky girl*
    and was just wondering... are there ANY legit 2nd hand stores in vancouver that sells bbags and lvs, and basically, whatever...? :s
  2. OMG im not from Canada or USA, Im from UK but here we have a charity shop in cheshire and all footballers & their wives give all their used clothes and accessories to the charity shop. it has been know that Victoria and david beckhams staff have brought bags of clothes and accessories to the charity store. One day 23 people where on a waiting list for a silverado bag if they ever got a second hand one haded in to the shop.
  3. geee whiz...... :drool: i would set up camp next to the store.... :shame: