Van Ravenstein - Amsterdam

  1. Hi all!

    I'm off to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks for a weekend trip! Has anyone had any experience buying BBags at Van Ravenstein??

    Any feedback would be much appreciated! :heart:

  2. Yep, that's where I get my bags from. There selection is OK, not the greatest as they tend to stick to the more neautral colours (OK for me as that's what I like). Linda is the SA that I deal with there.
  3. Thanks Cal!

    I'm just looking for a black First - so shouldn't have a problem!
  4. Hi K**,
    I am from Holland, but i have never been at van Ravenstein.
    My bestfriendbrother and also purseblogmember, bought most of his bags over there. I like to go to belgium antwerpen.
    Welkom to holland.

  5. I've been in there (while passing through--I live in NYC). They don't seem to know the line all that well--seemed confused about new colors when I was there in March. Didn't have a lot of stock at that time.