Van Door Malfunction is Major Safety Issue

  1. Minivan Doors Popping Open While Driving

    Elana Collins feared her mini van was too dangerous to drive with her four-year-old in the back seat. According to Collins, a rear power door on her 2006 Chevrolet Uplander had a mind of its own and popped open more than 100 times, even when she was driving.

    "At 55 miles-an-hour someone could fall out," said Collins. "Debris could come back and hit a child."

    Repair documents show Collins took the Uplander back to a Chevy dealership three different times for repairs and every attempt to fix the problem failed. She even caught one malfunction on tape. After the power button is pushed, the door latches. Then, as if it's blocked, the door opens back up.

    "To me, this is a big deal," said Collins. "I have my four-year-old sitting next to that door."

    After the failed repairs, Collins filed a state lemon law complaint. At that hearing, the record shows the General Motors spokesman said there was no defect or safety issue, and appeared to laugh at the suggestion. But the state's arbitration panel sided with Collins after members themselves witnessed the door malfunction. It ordered Chevy to buy the car back.

    [​IMG]WEBSITE: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    "There's got to be more people out there who are having this problem," said Collins.

    In fact, at least 18 people have filed complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration involving 2005 or 2006 Uplander power doors. Four people claim injuries.

    One parent wrote, "My daughter was crushed by the automatic door (that) suddenly closed."

    Another stated, "I cannot in good conscience put my (disabled son) in this vehicle."

    After Action 9 contacted the NHTSA, an investigator called Collins and said this is an issue that will be reviewed. General Motors wrote the Collins case is under thorough review and customer satisfaction is a top priority.

    Source: WFTV Florida

    :tdown:This just happened to me, but I had no idea it was happening to this many people! Just found this article from a Florida paper. Mine was worse than the girl in the story in that we had 9 door motors replaced and one time it opened up on my dh on the highway.

    GM bought ours back w/out a struggle. But, they did take their sweet time deciding it was necessary. Likely hoping we'd get tired of waiting for them.

    We told them they could afford to buy back our car but couldn't replace the life of one of our children.

    Ours also suddenly had the engine quit at 16,000 miles and the local dealership (were great to work with) said it was in 100 pieces w/no solution. So, we also got a new engine.
  2. And people wonder why no one buys American cars anymore!
  3. Yes! It'll hit the AP and I'm secretly (well, now not so secretly :smile:) glad because I have wanted to post something here but for some reason felt I shouldn't. Now that the media has it however, everyone can be informed.
  4. Yeah...we bought a honda odyssey!:yes:
  5. I would have traded it in long before it had a chance to pop open 100 times.
  6. :wtf: that is scary...i'm glad the arbitration panel sided with her!!
  7. My wife has an '07 uplander. We haven't had the doors fly open. But we have had the locking mechanism replaced two times so far in 1 week.

    For no reason the lock will not react to the key fob or the power door lock controls. She has to reach around (with the baby carrier in the other hand) to unlock the door.

    This is just horrible. I wonder if the '07 will have the same fate. Lucky for me, Florida has a lemon law, 3 fixes and the car is consider a lemon. If it happens again I'll be asking GM to take it back.
  8. ^^^Good luck!

    Yeah, it's pretty bad news when Chevy creates the Uplander in 05 and now the 07 is their last year of it! BAD sign!

    I loved our uplander until all those probs started. We too have a lemon law but thankfully, we didn't have to go that route.

    Keep us informed on what happens!