Van Cleef Jewelry: clover necklace any similiar ones??

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  1. hi ladies,
    i just love the clover neklace by van cleef but it does cost a lot i think. just wondering if you know if any jewlery designer have similiar designs?? thx
  2. Which necklace? Are you talking about the Alhambra collection?
  3. Yes, the Alhambra collection!!! I love those necklaces??? thx
  4. If you can get to NYC, there's a jeweler on the corner of 57th and 3rd that makes the Alhambra necklaces. They're perfect copies. Around $2000 compared to $5000 for the turquoise (and that's discounted, I bought mine in St. Martin).
  5. If you're looking for something similar check out the Heidi Klum's jewelry collection. It also was with a clover.
  6. I was going to say the Heidi Klum collection also. I think I've seen similar but not exactly the same at Mayor's? I have the VCA Alhambra clover necklace (the new centenial piece) and the matching bracelet. I love them! Good luck on your search! If you need any help let me know and I will give you the name of my SA at Van Cleef! She is very sweet!
  7. Do you remember the name of the jeweler in St Martin who carried VCA? Do you remember the name of the jeweler on 57th in NYC? Thanks, one way or another, I need to find a good 18K copy of the turquoise or a discounted price on a real one!
  8. I was in the VCA store in Chevy Chase yesterday and the SA was wonderful! She let me try on several pieces from the Alhambra collection. I didn't buy anything (yet), but I can't stop thinking about it. I sent her an e-mail this morning. I think I'm going to get the single motif in grey mop next weekend. It's the least expensive in the line and will be a good start to what I hope is my never-ending collection.
  9. Hi Leelee, you are a fan of vancleef like me... I just love their stuff.. I have the alhmbra vintage in tiger-eye 20 motifs ( i paid a bundle on it ) and 2 years ago i bought the frivole yg earrings and ring...and now i am in love with their Rose de noel earrings in white torquiose but they are soooo expensive, i am not sure they are worth it so i might get them in white mother of pearl which are the cheapest among that line
  10. You are a very lucky girl! My DH and I were discussing VC&A jewelry b/c he was with me when I went into the store. He thinks the pieces are so pricey b/c of their unique designs. We both agree, though, every thing is worth the price.

    Your collection sounds stunning! To have a vintage tiger-eye with 20 motifs would be, for me, the crowning glory!
  11. if you want to go really cheap try or both sites sell similar pieces. heidi klum also has a lower priced line on good luck!
  12. I like Heidi Klum's line...same(ish) style but definitely cheaper!

    Here's one from that's a Van Cleef inspired necklace (they have a bunch of other Van Cleef inspired stuff on there as well):

  13. Thanx Leelee... I hope you found something nice at
  14. I really hope you are able to get an authentic Alhambra piece. I'm sure you will treasure it:heart:
  15. What is the price of the single motif bracelet?