Van Cleef HELP!

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  1. I already own the YG VCA 10 motif MOP necklace with the matching YG MOP earring (medium size). As a gift from my husband I can either get the onyx YG 10 motif necklace to layer with the MOP 10 motif necklace I already have, or I can get diamond hoop inside-out earrings (totaling 5 ct). What would you choose??? Please Help!!!!
  2. the onyx 10 motif!!!
  3. the VCA necklace! :tup:
  4. Onyx will look stunning with MOP :yes:
  5. Thank you soooo much for all your advice! I've seen all of your posts and you seem like experts on this...I was hoping at least one of you would reply, and you all did! I appreciate all your help soooo much!!
  6. Thank you sooo very much for all your all seem like experts on this, so I really appreciate your advice!!!