Van Cleef & Arperls Alhambra Necklaces

  1. Does anyone know the prices on these necklaces???


    Which one do you like better? The gold goes with everything but the white mother or pearl is sooo cute and femenine.

    I've never bought anything van cleef, so any info/advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Bizantine.JPG Vintage.JPG
  2. idk the price...but I love the white...I'm dying for something VCA!!!
  3. ^^^Me too! And they're increasing their prices on nov 1st so we need to hurry up!
  4. The single pendant MOP is $1,350. Sorry, I don't know how much the Byzantine pendant is. I was in the store in Chevy Chase recently and only asked about the MOP.

    IRL it is even prettier!!!
  5. Do you know how much it'll be with the chain? Or does it come with it?? I am clueless! I never buy jewerly!!!
  6. I'm pretty sure the price of the chain is included so it would be $1,350 altogether.
  7. ^^^Thanks!
  8. Bagsaremylife!, the higher price is probably due to the fact that this particular pendant is a limited edition. They made only about 1,900 limited edition pendants. (I think. I can't remember exactly.) These are specifically numbered and the very teeny number is imprinted somewhere on the gold. This makes it more of a collector's item.
  9. Do you know how this "limited edition" is different? I think maybe the pendant is bigger--the lister says it is approx 1 inch. The regular pendants of this style--like the one pictured above in this thread--is smaller, right?
  10. Doe anyone have a listing of of the styles or types of these necklaces and prices? I am just learning about this line and loved what I have seen so far.

    I am so scared when I call V&A boutiques to find info.

    Thanks in advance!
  11. Yes, I do think it is larger. I actually saw a limited edition one in the store when I was there...I even tried it on! Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure it was bigger, but I can't say absolutely definitely.

    Have you seen it IRL anywhere? it really is special!
  12. Sorry, I only got info on the pendant.
  13. My vote is for the vintage alhambra pendant. I have the vintage alhambra necklace in yellow gold and mother of pearl with 10 motifs and I LOVE it. It is so classic and eye catching and it goes with everything!

    Don't be afraid of calling up the store to ask. I call up the store in NY and ask about prices all the time. They are always very nice.
  14. Hi I have the ring and pendant in black onyx and I wear them every day. My husband just bought me the byzantine earrings but they were the last pair in the store as they are limited edition. If you want to invest it really is worth it they can be worn with anything. I found the mother of pearl one a bit draining on my olive skin but it looks good on blondes. Onyx better for brunettes...