Van Cleef & Arpels store opening in San Francisco?

  1. Okay, all the threads about VC&A have really made me realize how much I looooooooove their pieces, esp their alhambra collection. I want to go see and play with the pieces in person!

    For some reason I was SURE that they had a store in SF, so last Thursday I planned to go to Union Square after work, though that afternoon I looked on VC&A's website and didn't see any SF locations! I also couldn't find any address or information on the internet. I thought I was going crazy because I could've sworn I've passed by the store before! I felt so defeated and my planned trip did not happen.

    However, I've seen "rumors" about a possible store opening in SF (okay, I admit it, I just looked up VC&A on wikipedia to learn more about their history, and saw that one is planned to be opened here!).

    Before I get a chance to call a store tomorrow morning about this, does anyone here have any more info? I'd be sooooo ecstatic if VC&A would come to SF! :p
  2. I just spoke with an SA in the South Coast Plaza store, and she confirmed that there are no current plans for a San Francisco store. :crybaby:Wikipedia cannot be trusted! :upsidedown:

    The nice SA offered to *email* me their catalog with their current offerings and prices! I keep refreshing my inbox to make sure to look at it right away! My dream continues!
  3. Hi

    I was just reading your post. I LOVE VC&A. When I look at my handbag collection it makes me realise how many beautiful pieces I could have bought from Bulgari and VC&A. Sometimes I wish I hadn't impulse bought so much.

    Which parts of the Alhambra collection do you like? It is all SO beautiful.

  4. I drooling over the vintage alhambra collection! Was just informed that this collection only comes in two necklace lengths - 16" and 32". For those who want something in-between (perhaps like me), one option is to get a 16" necklace and a bracelet. You can link the necklace and bracelet together to get a ~23" necklace, or you can wear them separately. I love that idea - and if I can dream on, how about a necklace and TWO braclets in different materials - that would make such a funky longer necklace! Love it!

    VKD - I just saw your post asking for magic alhambra action shots. There's another thread on that... I'll post the link in a response to your original request.
  5. the store referenced in the wiki article was probably the Neiman Marcus in-store boutique which opened this year (^(oo)^)v ask for Tim, he's super nice & very patient - even with piggies who are always late! hehe
  6. Is the Alhambra collection extensive at the Neiman Marcus in-store boutique? Or do I need to call in advance for pieces? Going for a trip and want to make it memorable ;p
  7. NM in SF has some pieces but if there is something you are looking for I'd call ahead.
  8. I have been to the VCA boutique inside NM once, and it was quite nice!