Van Cleef & Arpels Price increase 2019?

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  1. Any one know about a price increase in the US? I've heard April! Hope its not true. Got too much on my wish list.
  2. oh boy,,,,here we go.....
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  3. Whats new??!! In the 1.5 years I have known about VCA's existence, they have had 1 price increase and then a decrease!
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  4. I just checked the USA web and they have increased all the items. Just last week Alhambra mop bracelet just $3700 and now $4800 (!). Unbelievably outrageous price increases I think. I was planning to get either onyx or mop bracelet but this shocking new price somehow dampened my mood. I dont know if the stores outside US already adjusted the prices as well.
  5. Wow the increase amount is indeed shocking! Interested to hear from others whether the increase is on select items / in the US only?
    I checked my country's site, and the item I have my eye on (WG perlee clover bracelet) remains at the same price. The YG perlee clover bracelet, guilloche necklace & bracelet (my most recent purchases) are the same price as well. Hope the increase is not being rolled out internationally!
  6. On my computer, they are still USD$3700..
    Also, on my local website, the price is unchanged.

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  7. It's not the first time that someone didn't look properly at the respective site. Please ensure your location is set to USA instead because $4800 is the price for Canada. There is no increase so far.
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  8. haha I was thinking the same. There’s no reason to jump from $3600 to $4800. It sounds exactly the wrong currency and Canadian dollar sign is the same as usd.
  9. I double checked the web and, thankfully, I was wrong. I usually have USA site set on my phone, but I used different phone this time and it took me to CAD although I typed " VCA usa online" on google. It relieved me, however, that the price is still the same. Sorry for the false alarm and thanks for the correction. Yes, the $ sign for both countries are the same.
  10. Price increase of 4% in Australia begins on October 1st.
  11. Wow. Is this increase going to affect all markets in phases or just AUS?

    I have so many more pieces to buy :whut:
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  12. heard from a reseller price is going up in US on Oct 1st as well.
  13. :shocked::facepalm::crybaby:
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  14. Anyone else confirm this? I wanted to get something for my birthday next month and will need to get it earlier if that is the case.
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  15. I was told by my SA that only certain collections were going up but not the Alhambra for now.
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