Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet and earring question...also on mother of pearls / onyx


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Apr 30, 2006
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Does anyone else have the van cleef & arpels alhambra bracelets in white mother of pearl and black onyx? And also the earrings? Are they pretty durable...can you shower and wear them 24/7 if you wanted to?

Ive only had the magic alhambra necklace and since thats not a piece you wear daily or 24/7--I never worried about it in the shower, getting soap on it or it hitting anything a lot since Ive worn it only on special occasions.

I know when I got my Chanel white opal camelia cachlonj ring, they told me to be very careful, put it on last after lotion and perfume and best not to get soap or water on it or it may yellow too and it wasnt as sturdy as lets say diamonds or other gemstones for sure...

I was just worried about the alhambra bracelets getting scratched or collecting permanent residue or staining or something if I wore them in the shower or together and they "clanked against" each other etc...(same with the earrings)

So any feedback would be awesome!!




May 15, 2006
I would not wear any mother of pearl piece in the shower or when you are in contact with oils (lotions and soaps etc) because that can damage the shell just as it would damage your opal in the long run. However black onyx is a quartz so it can withstand 24/7 wear as any quartz stone can. I have the blue turquoise alhambra ring and do not wear it 24/7 because I am afraid to subject it to oils that will dull the color of the turquoise. I save it for special occasions. I would not hesitate to wear the black onyx earrings and bracelet all the time but the white mother of pearl I would save for those occasions you will remember to take it off.

As for scratches, the gold will obviously get slightly scratched, but the black onyx will not under daily wear. If you do not wear other bracelets where there are gemstones harder than onyx (topaz, sapphires, diamonds) that have sharp edges (ie culets) that are in contact with the alhambra bracelet then the onyx should be fine under normal clanging of bracelets.

I am always careful not to do any activities (rock climbing etc) with any valuable jewelry on, but I do like to wear jewelry 24/7. Onyx is a pretty durable stone and you should be okay wearing the onyx earrings and bracelet all the time.

Hope this helps,

P.S. I was informed that VC&A is having a price increase of 10% in May, so I would go for the bracelets and earrings now lol.


May 15, 2006

I only remember the price increase in November. However I do know that they are definitely raising their prices in May b/c I received an email from my SA in the New York store about a week ago. It is rather depressing and also makes me want to buy something I cannot afford b/c of the increase. I am sure that is why she emailed her customers about it! Ahh!



May 13, 2006
I'm so upset reading about the mother of pearl. I was planning on getting this, but if it's going to look crummy in a few wearings, I guess not. I don't want a bracelet I have to baby.
Also, do most people wear 2 of the bracelets together or a single bracelet? Two bracelets will definitely clang together!


Aug 10, 2008
Hay I would say just go for the VCA jewellery if you love it so much.The alhambra is very expensive but its not like you will abusie it because you know you have got it on-take a chance!

If you do get the braceltes please post a pic because I love VCA jewellery:tup: