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  1. I saw the issue of OK mag that you are talking about. I thought of buying it just for the VCA :smile: The earrings were lovely but IMO I thought the double ring was too much....not elegant as if worn alone. Call NM precious jewels in Newport Beach, CA. I am positive the one in the store was the 3 wht mop motif & not 2.
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    twigski: Thanks so much. I called and they said they do not have it and it does not exist. Did it look like mop to you or pave diamond?
  3. tbbbjb - I have seen and tried on the 3-motif earclips that twigski posted. They are nice, but IMHO, better worn alone. Otherwise, might be a bit too much kwim. I haven't seen an all MOP version. I don't know if they exist or maybe they are only available through special order.
  4. Oooh ... that's a good strategy getting the most expensive ones first. Afterwards, the next piece will seem cheap LOL!

    As for my wishlist, I'm dreaming of the following some day (in no particular order):
    - WG/diamond earclips
    ... small Cosmos or something else that matches my Birds of Paradise between-the-finger ring. After trying on the Lotus with my Bird ring, they don't really match!

    - Noeud between-the-finger ring in white and pink gold
    ... This will complete my BTF ring set of having different gold color combinations. I have all WG/white diamonds (Bird) and WG/YG/white diamonds/yellow sapphires (Two Butterflies).

    - 20-motif WG/turquoise OR 10-motif YG/MOP Vintage Alhambra necklace
    ... I've always wanted a 20-motif one. Turquoise will be a lovely color to spice up my outfits, especially in spring/summer. Otherwise, just another 10-motif YG/MOP to link together with my current one (probably the cheaper option, but turquoise is soooooooo pretty!).

    By the way, here's a pic I found on the Internet of a model wearing the Two Butterflies earclips in all WG/white diamonds during the Papillons launch in HK. Aren't they stunning?! When I tried them on before, they actually sit well on the ears. However, I only tried them with the clips as the posts were not attached so I'm not sure how they'll look like with the posts exactly on the piercing of my earlobes.

  5. la van, thanks so much for posting that pic. i'm always scouring the internet for modeling pics, and i have yet to see anyone with these earrings on! thanks!!! also, i love contemplating your wish list with you. i think you're really narrowing down on your wg/dia earring choices, and i have a feeling it's going to be...COSMOS! i think the earclips and your pendant would look so divine surrounding and illuminating your face! what about the birds line? do they have an earring that you like? then you could wear the earrings/ring as an awesome evening set and then add the pendant too sometimes and it would look so great all together. the noeud ring sounds so pretty. i'm really falling hard for rose gold these days. loving the cartier ballon bleu in rose gold with diamond bezel but it's the same price as the medium cosmos so i choose vca. i think either alhambra necklace would be so nice. i hear more enthusiasm for the turquoise from you...but the yg/mop is so versatile...tough decision! maybe both??? one for fun summery outfits and one more dressy...hmmmm.
  6. I hope I am in the right place as I definitely need some support. :smile: Dh bought me a alhambra necklace from our local Neimans. We left it with the sales associate as she was sending it, (she said back to the manufacture, so I can only think she meant Van Cleef and Arpels!), as they are going to add two inches of gold links so it can be 18 inches. The sales associate said it should take about 2 weeks. It has now been 5 weeks and nothing! After 3 weeks I called the sales associate and she told me I just needed to be patient. I said I don't mind being patient I just wanted to make sure everything was ok and check on the progress. She just said she would call me when it comes in.

    I have read and searched this forum and see some other ladies had length added to their items and it doesn't seem like anyone waited this long. I am not trying to be a baby, I am just concerned. Has anyone else waited this long? Would you do or say anything? It has taken a little bit of the fun out of this experience to just feel like I am out in the cold, so to speak, not knowing what is going on. Thanks for listening.
  7. ^^ I had links added to my necklace and it took about a week, but that was at the VCA in NYC. I would think that NM has to send it out to a VCA workshop, that could take time. It sounds like she may have underestimated the time?
  8. I also had chain added to two different necklaces at the NYC VCA. Each one took about 1 1/2 weeks. So, given that NM has to send it to VCA and receive it back, it would make sense it was longer. Five weeks does seem like a long time--hopefully it will be back soon!
  9. Thank you Bethc and sbelle for replying!

    It's hard for me to believe getting it to NYC would take a long time since I am in a neighboring state. :smile:

    I called the sales associate today and she told me everything is fine that from the end of July through August they are closed. She uses a lot of they and them so I have to keep trying to get clarification on who she is referring to when she says they and them. Obviously VCA in NYC is not closed! I asked her if she meant VCA and she said yes, they are closed. I can only think she meant the workshop? Then she said they might have had to ship it overseas? What? She said she hasn't called because there is nobody to call as they are closed. Then in the next breath she says she will call them on Monday?

    Honestly I am over the whole thing. I wish I could just cancel the order and start fresh somewhere else. If when we bought the necklace she had said they were closed for the summer, (like she has said on the phone during this 5 week waiting period), then I could have waited to buy or at least been honestly informed.
  10. ^when my necklaces were being altered my VCA SA said she was sending it to her workshop. I just figured the workshop was in NYC, but she did not say it was.

    It seems weird that the SA can't clarify things form you. Sounds like she is unclear herself. If they did send your necklace to Paris , it would make sense that they were closed for August. I have been waiting on an answer from Bottega Veneta in Italy and I have been told they are closed for the entire month.

    One thing I will tell you is that you will love the length of your necklace when you get it back. The workshop does a beauriful job.
  11. Hello, I am new to this forum and just recently discovered VCA. I have a question about a piece I recently saw in my local VCA boutique. It is a yellow gold star with mother of pearl, and the back can be engraved. The SA told me it was a special edition for 2008, but I cannot find any info about it online, including this forum. Can anyone give me some more information about it? The SA also showed me a 2009 special edition WG MOP clover with a diamond in the middle. I am curious are they still very much available? Thanks so much any help would be much appreciated. :smile:
  12. just visited vca to compare butterfly and cosmos earrings (again! i hope you aren't sick of me waffling between the two constantly) and today the cosmos earrings came out on top. they only had the medium size cosmos earrings and they were BEAUTIFUL. they made the butterfly earrings look small and cute. the cosmos earrings far out-blinged the butterflies. also, i never noticed this before the butterflies don't really sit well on my ears. kind of angle out (bottom of earrings come out farther than the top if that makes sense). so, my wish list has changed. medium cosmos earrings and pendant. ahhhh! ok, i need to stop daydreaming...i just wanted to share how much i love the cosmos collection!
  13. I have recently stumbled across this thread and already have a growing wish list. Thanks to La Vanguardia's lovely pics of the Cosmos pendant, that is first on my list. I also love the Cosmos ring and the Perlee bangle with diamond clovers. Unfortunately, my only local VCA in SF has none of these in stock. I got to try one of the small Cosmos earrings as a pendant and it is so gorgeous! I just wish I could see the medium size to know which I like better. They also did not have the bangle, but had the ring which matches and it was gorgeous as well. Where is my money tree?

  14. ^ Hey Jennifer, glad to see you on this sub forum. Just to warn you, VCA can be addicting. I started with wanting one piece and now I want two, possibly three. They are such classy, elegant pieces.
  15. Rant on ... I love reading about everyone's decision process. To me, it's far more interesting than just seeing a reveal kwim.

    Oooh, that will be so fabulous to pair the MEDIUM Cosmos earrings and pendant ... MAJOR, MAJOR bling effect! I totally understand you that when you compare the Cosmos to other designs, the Cosmos really outshines most of the others. Plus, it's truly a collection that will age with you. If ever I do end up with the small Cosmos earclips, my small Cosmos set will be your little sister lol! :p

    So, I guess to warm up your DH, you'll go with the earclips first so he can get over the sticker shock?! LOL! :graucho:

    I've answered on your other thread too but I'll repost here. The small Cosmos earrings are actually smaller than the small necklace/pendant/pin. The better comparison would be the small ring, which is almost exactly the same size as the necklace.

    The medium is really a big jump in size. My SA jokes that the Cosmos ranges from small, large and extra large/gigantic lol!

    Maybe you can ask your SA to bring in the pieces for you so you can try them on and make a better/informed decision. This way, you won't be "imagining" the sizes anymore and can see which piece your heart truly desires.
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