Van Cleef And Arpels Price?

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  1. Ok. So I just recently got to the point of handbag and shoe overload. Jewelery is my next big step. Of course I end up falling in love with only the best. I found out the Magic Alahambra 6 motif necklace that I want is $5300. Well that will have to wait for a few months. I am dying to have a piece of Van cleef. I found their 18k yellow gold Frivole Necklace Pendant with the single flower and diamond on it. Does anyone know the price? I am the type of buyer that hates calling in for the price and then saying ok thaks for your time....
  2. I don't know the price, sorry. But I did see it IRL yesterday at the Chevy Chase store and it is TDF!

    The SA gave me a couple of catalogs, but unfortunately the prices weren't listed.

    BTW, you have excellent taste!:tup:
  3. I dont mean to hijack but if anyone is doing a price check for suzana would you mind asking if the boutonniere ring is available is plain w/g if so how much? TIA (unfortunately there is no VC&A, in my country so i can't ring)

    i love VC&A i hope you find what your after suzana
  4. HI.. I don't know whether it is too late to reply but i thought i will... I have the frivole yellow gold earrings $3600 and the ring with 2 flowers $3050 and i must tell u that i had them for over 2 years now and still love them and still get compliments when i wear them... I don't know if you bought anything yet.. Let me know