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  1. Hey!! I'm very new to VCA so this might be a silly question, but does the alhambra clover not come in the sweet size? on the website i see the pearl and the red in the sweet size but the black I only see in the vintage/magic/etc sizes.

    Thank you!!!
  2. Yes! The Alhambra comes in sweet! You can search on the website for "sweet":

    This one is so pretty!
  3. Onyx doesn’t come in the sweet size :sad:
  4. Are you sure? I saw a youtuber wear one and she said it was super rare (like 2-3 in the USA only)... how would I go about getting one?
    I want the black onyx necklace but the vintage is just too big :sad:
  5. Only the earrings come in onyx for the sweet Alhambra. If you want the sweet Alhambra necklace, the options are MOP, RG, WG pave or Carnelian.
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  6. The onyx Alhambra earrings do come in the sweet size.
  7. Sorry if I’ve confused anyone. I should have said the onyx pendant doesn’t come in a sweet size. I thought about getting it in sweet and called NY and found out it wasn’t available.