Van Cleef Alhambra necklace: white gold w/ black onyx or pearl? rop for pix>>

  1. black onyx:

    or pearl:

  2. I love them both but if I had to choose I would take the pearl one.
  3. I have the mother pearl necklace and bracelet. I love them! It is very versatile and eye catching! I always have people asking me about the pieces. I do like the onyx but in the white gold (the more modern setting.) The black mother of pearl is also pretty! I guess I like all of them. LOL
  4. Pearl
  5. i love both!
  6. Pearl!!
  7. Both are very nice- I tried them both on though and I thought the pearl was more flattering - the onyx was a bit harsh IMO.
  8. Lainey: How did you like the black onyx with the white gold? I was deciding between mother of pearl with white gold or black onyx with white gold? Please give me your thoughts..thanx :smile:

  9. I like the shine on the pearl.
  10. I love the pearle! Just gorgeous!!
  11. I LOVE them. Does anyone know the cost?
  12. oh! they are bothhhh gorgeous but i would go for the pearl. white+gold is my favorite combo!
  13. I adore this necklace (and most things VCA)
    I think the Pearl one is more elegant!
  14. I think the different 'shades' of the mother of pearl are just GORGEOUS!

    I also wonder what retail is on this... I would LOVE some silver alhambra hoop earrings (I think I saw Heidi Klum wearing a pair on Proj Runway) :drool:
  15. Isnt Van Cleef really really expensive? The pearl is nicer. Onyx is not v precious