Vampire Diaries Season 3

  1. THIS. I was totally not seeing that coming. I wonder which original's bloodlines Damon & Stefan are from. Who turned Katherine?? I knew somehow the last stake was going to be MIA. And why would Caroline let Ric just leave?

    I'm pissed about this hiatus, just when it gets good they go on break. blah!
  2. Rose turned Katherine... So it's whoever turned Rose... I think it may have been Elijah, but it could very well have been Klaus too :thinking:
  3. What I find really funny is they think these 12 stakes are all they have to kill the Originals... When they have a whole burned bridge worth of White Oak Ash to kill them with... :rolleyes: Ash was what they were using to kill Elijah when he first appeared...
  4. ^^ I didn't even think of the ash.

    How long is the hiatus?! I hate when they do that.
  5. April 19 is the next new episode... :pout:
  6. ^^Annoyed! I can't wait until then.

    I wonder who turned Rose and if they mentioned it. So if they just save the original who turned Rose their bloodline would be fine (Kat, Damon, Stefan, Caroline). lol.

    I'm wondering if there's a spell to fix this?
  7. I am sure Bonnie can do it...she seems able to do everything :rolleyes:
  8. Wait, another hiatus? Again? CW is playing with fire IMO. TVD has the biggest ratings but Season 3 has been underwhelming, compared to S2 and S21. Sure, die-hard stans will continue watching it live. But how much of regular TV audience will keep up with constant hiatuses? Especially during season that has no thought out story line and overload of cheesy writing. Before I couldn't wait to see new ep and was completely absorbed in what was going on screen. Now I'm either knitting or doing my nails till Klaus/Stefan/Alaric/Caroline pop up on screen. I don't care about the rest. SIGH. At least, music is still top notch.

    Last night's ep was a step in right direction and I hope the rest of the season is far better.


    Hiatus till April 19th? CW honchos are crazy. SMH. I'm going to be completely immersed in Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time and most likely won't give a damn what happens in Mystic Falls.


    IIRC, if a vampire uses ash with stake to kill Original, he/she will die and Original would be just put to sleep. Remember Elijah at dinner? Alaric was the one who staked him and he didn't really die. He was put to 'sleep' till Elena undaggered him. So to kill the Original, they have to use missing stakes. As for who turned Rose, I have absolutely no clue.

  9. I agree with everything you said. Great post!

    The season has been completely underwhelming. I was glued to the screen during Seasons 1 and 2. Klaus (and the originals) definitely keep me tuning in. I believe last night's episode improved because Klaus was back! I really want to see what happens with him and Caroline.

    I am also a big Alaric fan and find myself on pins and needles hoping nothing bad happens to him. I really like him on the show. Especially the bromance he has with Damon.

    Ian's acting is horrible. I didn't notice it in the past because I thought he was so hot, but now I am painfully aware. Stop with the wide eyes and blinking already!
  10. Okay, I was thinking about this last night. Can ALL vampires now suddenly walk in the sun or do they all just happen to have magic jewellery. I guess the originals can walk in the sun because they are originals. Stefan and Damon have rings, Carolyn has a necklace (?). I was thinking last night with Sage and who she turned. Sage was walking in the daylight (or can she because she was pretty old in vampire years?) and I can't recall if they showed who she had turned in the daylight. And Bonnie's mom ... she was shown in the daylight I believe (although I guess Bonnie could have whiped up something for her).

    Am I missing something or have the writers conveniently forget that not all vampires can be in the sunlight?

  11. Thanks :flowers:

    LOL we like same characters: Klaus, the Originals, Alaric and Caroline :biggrin: I wasn't a big fan of Stefan but he won me over in S3. Paul Wesley really did his job well IMO.

    ITA about Ian's acting. He was quite good in S1 but from the 2nd half of Season 2, eye acting has started to become more and more noticeable. He keeps tweeting about working with acting coach and I'm like what's the point of acting classes if your work is getting worse from ep to ep. :confused1: At least, Ian's hair looks better now. :p

    Caroline has a ring made by Bonnie, just like Bonnie's mom. Katherine has a necklace. Originals don't need protection from sun, IIRC. Sage was a very old vampire and I'm sure down the road she was able to find a witch willing to spell a piece of day walking jewelry. That guy she turned, didn't he come to bar during night? :thinking:If yes, he wouldn't need daywalking jewelry. If no, writers screwed up. :coolio::lol:

    Trevor, Rose and tomb vampires didn't have daywalking jewelry BTW.
  12. Thanks for clearing that up. When I started thinking about it too much last night, I was starting to confuse myself! Then I started thinking the writers had forgotten vampires don't generally walk in the day. :smile:
  13. What? Another hiatus? It seems to be every 3 episodes!

    I'm liking the storyline so far! Like the rest mentioned, we need Katherine back. I bet she'll have some devious plot to take down the Originals. Damon and Stefan aren't really the brightest bunch sometimes. lOL
  14. Is it just me or was it a re-run for last night's episode on 4/5??? Grrrr!
  15. I'm completely bored of all these little breaks. For me, it would make more sense to have one big break in the middle instead of all the small ones with 2-3 episodes between them, even though I'm sure there's some odd psychology behind it.