vampire bunnies vs. devil ovens and ipod girl

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  1. Prepare for more madness/obsession....

    Ok, the bambione I found has great placement (ipod devil girl, the devil oven I LOVE, a mummy all right on the front), but I realized... no vampire bunnies! Also it is going for $139-- is that a usual price for this cut or way too much?

    The gioco is my preferred style, but I own one already, maybe I should just try something new... On the gioco on eBay there are no devil ovens, but plenty of vampire bunnies and the devil ipod girl is yellowish orange which I don't really like. Grr...

    I'm going crazy over this because I get obsessed over the littlest things, don't you? Gaaahhhh... Also, ShopOsun were very nice, but they only had one Inferno bag left in Carmella which is way too big....
  2. A Carmella is the small pouch... are you thinking Campeggio?

    Maybe just wait and see if your perfect Gioco pops up. There's more stuff on eBay every day.

    Plus most people here would just tell you to get both!!! :nuts:

    Oh... and a Bambinone retails for $130... so the $139 is like retail including sales tax.
  3. Oops, you're right. I got them mixed up! I'm just afraid of people running out of Infernos since they're an older design now... and never finding the perfect one!
  4. oh i know what u mean! i'm in LOVE with the vampire bunnies but i also have to have adios and the devil brushing their teeth + carnivora + red devil girl listening to her ipod. and they're located on different parts of the scene. but LUCKILY (with months of searching high and low) i've ended up with two bags that feature BOTH scenes that i wanted....which is VERY lucky!

    and $139 is rather high...considering inferno prints are 25% off...if you REALLY want that bag, then buy it. but you can always find your perfect inferno eventually =)
  5. bubblesung, I love that icon! you're so cute.
    thanks for your advice! I think I might have found something perfect in my favorite cut, gioco! I just have to find out from the seller if it has the devil oven on it...:heart:
  6. if i can't get an inferno with the vampire bunnies i get depressed! they make the entire bag!
  7. i feel the same way!
  8. when i ordered an inferno campeggio i requested bunnies. i got the two bunnies on the pocket, but two on top were cut off so it was only ears. i freaked out and called the outlet as soon as i opened my package and asked if there were anymore with bunny buffet! i was hoping there wouldn't be so i wouldn't have to buy it and i'd just have to love my cut off bunnies, but they had one with bunnies all over. ehhhh, so now i have two campeggios because one has hella bunnies on it. i am a junkie.
  9. Aaron (husband) had the have the Vamp Bunnies on his Campeggio, that was the most important thing and he got them plus the Bullet buddies! They Rawk!
  10. I love the placement for my Campeggio because it has Adios brushing his teeth, both IPOD girls, devil eating the watermelon, and the bullet buddies on the front but there is no uncut vampire bunnies on the bag. Which made me sad but I got the last Inferno campeggio from all the outlets. So I ordered a small bag with lots of vampire bunnies. :o) Oh on my campeggio there is the heads of the 2 vampire bunnies in love and there is one huge bunny in a pocket and his name is Sir Bloody Bunny. :lol: