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  1. Has anyone successfully filled in/covered up or fixed the "vampire bites" on their shoes? I really want a pair but those bites are so ugly and very visible.

    If they can easily be filled in/fixed, they are worth the savings to me. if not, id rather just keep saving.

    Has anyone had any experience fixing them?
  2. I would suggest wall caulking putty, let it sit then touch it up with paint! You can get paint match references in the repair thread (reference library)

    I have not tried it however the base is wood, as is a wall and it works for walls!
  3. A cobbler can probably help you. Good luck OP!
  4. What do you mean by vampire bites???
  5. they are holes that have been drilled/punched into the soles of shoes to prevent returns, I suppose. Some places will put a black X on the insole or sole but some places poke *gasp* holes in the soles!
  6. I don't understand either.. is it possible to have a picture ? Pretty please :flowers:
  7. #7 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
  8. That really hurts my heart (and eyes) to see this abuse on CLs. *sigh*
  9. Do they go so deep that you can't re-sole? That is shoe abuse is what that is.
  10. ITA, Jan. It's awful they do that!!! There has GOT to be a better way to prevent returns! Even scoring the bottom of the soles would be okay!!
  11. ^ I agree, that's shoe abuse! I can't bear looking at it.
  12. Yeah it's terrible! They do that when the shoes get sent to their last stop (Last Chance) so that people don't try to return them. It's sad!
  13. ...that gives me the goosebumps... :shocked:
  14. I wish that they would mark them lower on the flat part, so you could just vibram over them!
  15. Spackle and paint!