Value of Tiffany Victoria Bracelet?

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  1. I just wondered if anyone might happen to know the current value of a much-loved Tiffany Victoria bracelet.

    My bracelet is actually a limited-edition Victoria, with six marquise "florets" instead of just one. It is approximately 3 carats in weight. The diamonds are the finest, Tiffany standard. The "extra" florets make the bracelet a work of great craftsmanship.

    I like the more unique look of my multiple floret bracelet. Of course, ANY Tiffany Victoria bracelet is gorgeous! The current Tiffany Victoria bracelet that is closest to mine (3.26 carats) retails for $16, 250, and the prices keep rising every year.

    I recently went to a nearby upscale sort of pawn shop. They advertise a lot, saying that they buy fine jewelry and bags like LV and Chanel. I had some scrap gold to sell. While I was at the shop, I asked the gemologist to take a look at my bracelet, wondering how much it might be worth and how much they might offer me for it.

    The gemologist looked through a loupe, then told me that they make their offers based on what similar pieces are selling for on sites like eBay. A quick look at eBay shows that the 3.26 carat Victoria bracelet is selling for between 9k and 11.5k. (I looked it up once I got home).

    When the gemologist came back, I asked him approximately how much my bracelet was worth and how much they would offer for it. I was totally shocked when he only offered $2700 for it! (I looked at some online reviews for this store, and people have complained about low offers from this place). It's near me and in a good neighborhood, so that's why I went there.

    I'm really NOT interested in selling my beloved bracelet, otherwise I would have stated, "Those Tiffany Victoria bracelets are selling for A LOT more than $2700 on eBay". It felt like a blatant rip-off, but I'm certainly not an expert in the value of pre-owned jewelry.

    The gemologist asked me how much I was hoping to get. I told him maybe 50% of retail, around $8,000. He told me that people never get 50% of retail---maybe that's true? He said people are lucky if they get 25% of retail, and really lucky if they get 33% of retail.

    I had no idea that Tiffany diamonds depreciate so quickly. My bracelet is in mint condition (or as close to mint as you can get if you wear something).

    I wondered if there are any jewelry experts here who might be able to tell me how much I could actually get for various Tiffany platinum and diamond rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Meaning what percentage of retail could I hope to actually sell them for? I don't really want to sell, but I am curious as to how much my Tiffany jewelry collection is truly worth.

    Thanks for any info on what the 3 carat diamond Tiffany Victoria bracelet is worth. Only $2,700?? That's got to be wrong. It retails for $16,250. Thanks in advance!
  2. He's wrong about the value, but right about what pawn shops will pay. They're going to try and resell it, and want to at least double their money. So your $2,700 bracelet would have at least a $5,200 price tag, and likely higher. It's all about profit. Never sell to a pawn shop! Even for scrap gold, go to several of those scrap gold places and get estimates, letting them know yoy're looking for the best one.
  3. Jewelry does not hold its value at all on the secondary market. You can get a little more for branded jewelry sometimes, depending on where you go. Most pawn shops don't care about the brand and will offer based on the materials. Small diamonds in a small amount of platinum is what he offered you. If you are wanting to sell it for anything decent, you would have to hope to get a private party interested.
  4. Jewelry is like a car once you buy it and take it out and use it, it's impossible to retain its initial value. Even for brand name jewelries, you might be able to get a bit more on certain pieces and maybe with the exceptions to high end pieces of jewelries that hold some kind of history, some famous person had once wore it, etc where you can auction it off at a higher price then when you first had obtain it. And I agree with lilmountaingirl, you would probably had more luck in finding a private party that is interested... at least you get more than what a pawn shop would offer.
  5. Thanks for the info. Just curious-----what do you mean by a "private party"?

    If that means a friend, I don't know anyone who would be interested. I've seen some other local places that claim to buy fine branded jewelry---maybe that's what you meant? I've also seen a few re-sellers on eBay that seem to be pretty legit---maybe that's the route to go?

    Thanks for any advice.
  6. The gemologist is right. You MIGHT get 33% if you are lucky, but 25% is about on par. Forget about what it retails for. That doesn't apply to you. You already own it, so it's no longer of that value for sale when you resell it. It's only that price brand new at retail. Jewelry does not retain it's value on secondary market unless it's of significant provenance (i.e. royalty, was owned by someone like Elizabeth Taylor and has proof.)

    "Private Party" simply means another person, not a business with intent to resell or consign on your behalf. Other means for you to sell this piece would be through a company like Oakgem or Betteridge, which are vendors that typically resell signed pieces and then take a portion of the final sale price. Either way, you won't get anywhere near what it would cost new, not likely even half. $2700 is probably lowball because it's a pawnshop and they simply don't care about the brand, and I am actually shocked you got that high of an offer from a pawn shop. But, realistically, don't expect really even half of what you paid secondary. Double the pawn offer might be the best you can expect.
  7. Private party is another person who is interested in buying your bracelet. Often times, it's best bet if it's a friend or a family member. Or you can try a consign vendor that sell Tiffany's jewelries and eBay works but a bit shady when it comes to risks of a buyer accusing it to be a fake and scam you out of thousands of dollars, then again if you have the necessary prove and documents it may not be as bad; this route gives you about 90% of your profit back and set the starting price whatever you desire it to be... Still there's that paranoia especially for a bracelet like yours.