Value of this diamond?

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  1. I was wondering if I could get an idea of the value of some studs I have received as a gift, as I am not too knowledgeable about diamonds.

    I have GIA certificates for both, but only have one certificate with me at the moment. The studs are round brilliant. Here are the details:

    Measurements: 5.76 - 5.78 x 3.59
    Carat Weight: 0.72 carat
    Colour Grade: I
    Clarity Grade: VVS2
    Cut Grade: Excellent
    Clarity Characteristics: Needle, Pinpoint
    Polish: Very Good
    Symmetry: Excellent
    Fluorescence: None

    Though not exactly the same, the other stud's certificate was very similar to this one.

    I appreciate the help

  2. Value in terms of what? Resale? Insurance?
  3. Sorry I should have been more clear. How much would I expect to pay for these white gold studs if I purchased them at a jeweller's? Not a designer like Tiffany or Cartier, just a normal store. I know this question is still quite broad, but I'm just looking for an estimate.
  4. If you were buying this now, depending where you bought it and how well it's really cut, anywhere from 3,000 to 3,500 for that exact stone. GIA Excellent isn't much help since their net is pretty huge and things that really are not that well cut will fall under that grade.

    If you're trying to SELL them, you won't get even a fraction of that amount. If you need to insure, you will need the receipt and reports for both stones and or an independent appraisal for the proper valuation to add to your policy.
  5. Thank you so much for the information, I really appreciate it!
  6. Like I said, you will get NOTHING close, not even half of that, if you're trying to resell. But that's about what you'd pay retail for that stone now.
  7. Seems kind of crass to be asking the value of a GIFT you received. They were a gift- they were FREE.
    Why do you need to know how much someone spent on you? That's so unclassy.
  8. I can calculate exact values for you but there are many different values; retail, Rapaport, instant buy up, consignment, pawn, etc., etc. and there will be variations there too. As Ame said before if you were trying to sell them they would go for a fraction, when you try to sell you are best off selling to another private person and even then you need to give a substantial discount. If you were trying to sell to a jeweler you would not get more than 40 % tops, pawn would be 20-30% of retail, consignment and auction first bid would be around 50 but not more than 60. Rapaport is generally considered wholesale and we calculate that as 100% of the value. Retail can be anything even 5 to 10 times Rapaport. I can give you Rapaport if you like but if you are trying to keep them as someone has mentioned before I would not be checking the price.
  9. I'm not looking to sell it, just wanted an estimate so I know what to put down for insurance purposes. Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it!

    Edit: Sorry Ame meant to quote you on this!
  10. I'm planning on keeping them so don't really need an exact price, but thanks for the information, it's good to know :smile: I just wanted a rough estimate for insurance purposes.
  11. Approx. 3500 is correct at today's Rapaport, consider that rough as well as polished went up about 10 % in January. This would be wholesale for an average cut, say Good to Very Good, here you have an Excellent but under clarity issues finish is mentioned so I would not consider this an ideal cut with triple Ex. If that was the case then you could add 20-30%.
  12. Ah sorry I did not see your response, for insurance purposes the value would likely be much higher and this Rapaport value is per stone of course. BTW, sounds like a nice pair!
  13. Thank you very much I love them! They have become my everyday studs and I couldn't be happier :biggrin: Really appreciate all the advice too!
  14. You are welcome.:smile:)) Would love to see photos when you can take some.
  15. Excellent. Make sure you provide the receipts and reports if nothing else. You'll likely need them both for the insurance company as they typically require any and all documentation.