Value of Papillon 26?

  1. I have a monogram Papillon 26 that I'm looking to sell. I'm not too familiar with the market for LVs (I own only two, including the Papillon), and I'm hoping that you lovely ladies can give me some prices that would seem fair for the bag.

    - Made in France, April 2004.
    - Handles and trim have begin to patina, but not too dark.
    - Two small pen marks inside the purse (on the bottom, hardly noticeable)
    - Nothing else physically wrong with the bag (e.g. stains, watermarks etc.)

    I looked up eBay, but the completed auctions had a lot of different prices. TIA! :tup:
  2. I would say you would definitely get at least 50-60% of the price you paid for. The bigger version will hold its value a little bit better because of the little accessory pouch that it comes with the bag.
  3. Have fun selling!