Value of Owning Discontinued Colors

  1. Hi everyone, when Hermes discontinues colors, is it a permanent thing, or are the colors sometimes revived from the dead?

    Is there investment value to owning bags in discontinued colors? I'm wondering b/c I have a chance to purchase a bag that was a SO but the color is discontinued, and the price being asked is higher than the retail price of the bag (before the recent price hike). thankfully not insanely higher.

    What do you think, it is worth going for?
  2. I find that it's only worth going for a discontinued colour if you lovelovelove it! Otherwise, it's just another piece of useless leather.
  3. ^ Very well put! That is true for most things in life, just change the noun!
  4. They do bring back old colors from time to time.
  5. is navy blue a discontinued color???
  6. Hello, babyhart, I agree! I've never bought anything that I wouldn't be very happy to keep never know if you'll be able to sell it and get anything near your investment, and you certainly want to like it, if you're stuck with it!
  7. Buy it if you love it. You must enjoy it then pass it down to your daughters, granddaughters...

    I don't think "investment" should really play a significant part.
  8. well... i'm committing to purchasing a 30cm birkin in etrusque, which i guess is discontinued... DOES ANYONE OWN THIS COLOR? and personally, the sienna/terracotta color in bags excites me more than other neutrals in the same color family. it's neutral with a bit of zing to it. i have a potiron bolide, but honestly, i don't love it, and it's a current color. so that's why i was wondering.
  9. Well my Etrusque Kelly has always been one of my favorite bags, I find that the color is very versatile, goes with just about anything, and I would not hesitate for a second to purchase a bag in this shade. Actually the Kelly gets more use than my Birkin in Gold, and she is just a little different KWIM? So I encourage you BabyHart to go ahead!
  10. Bababebi, thanks for the photo. What a nice, neutral color. Don't know why they would discontinue it.
  11. LOVE Etrusque! To me it is warm and rich, and more interesting than Gold. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pic, Bababebi!
  12. To me, owning a discontinued color represents a certain time frame. To some that may interpret as "dated" :lol: but I love vintage bags in general so to me personally, discontinued have that extra "special-ness" to me.
  13. Everyone is giving great advice. I never, never, never allow my clients to purchase ANYTHING for their collection if the primary motivation is thinking of the item as an investment. Art, decorative arts, antiques, jewelry, silver, blah, blah, blah...They might go up, but they probably won't go up much. Some things do, lots more don't. I always make sure they're buying whatever item solely based on an overwhelming passion for it.

    I adore Etrusque. I'd buy everything it that color if I could. I'd paint my house that color, my car that color...

    Hope you get the bag. It sounds beautiful.
  14. I was told that some H colours are "seasonal". So, it's not always true when you hear a rumour that a particular colour has been discontinued. Hermes may just be giving that colour a rest, and producing leathers in the newest colour/s. It's really discontinued if you no longer see the leather swatch in the store.

    I agree with Perja. I will only pay premium if it's a colour that makes my heart flutter, makes me lose sleep, and get my fingers all twisted in my living daylights. And of course, when my patience runs out on me ....

    I don't buy my bags with the primary intention to re-sell, on ultimately what price I pay now is really immaterial to the prices the resale market is commanding ..... just my 2 cents.
  15. wow, this is just gorgeous...I love this rich and stunning..