Value of cerises speedy

  1. I know lots of you have it and :heart: it. Do you think it's worth it to pay a couple hundred $ over the retail for a new one now or better to wait. Do you think the value will increase over time, stay the same or decrease? Maybe it's sought after more now because it was just recently discontinued, maybe in a few years it will be less. Any predictions?
  2. Hmm, I wish to hear some predictions from the LV experts here too...
  3. i have a cerises & love it! don't care bout the value though :P
    although i think if you used it carefully & manage to keep it in great condition, in times, it will worth more
  4. It's hard to say. Look at Graffiti speedy!!! It's value have tripled over time!!! You can't get one in good condition on eBay for less than double of it's original price. Same thing may happen with Cerises. Or not. Only time will tell.