Valuable Articles Insurance

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  1. I defintely plan on doing this if Im ever lucky enough to get a new hermes. You can never be too safe.
  2. ^That dress looks so much like a scarf print. Gorgeous!
  3. I take pictures of my bags and put one copy with the original receipt in our safe and send another photo with a copy of the receipt to our insurance agent. I do the same with my jewelry and any clothing item more than $500. (I don't want to send photos of everything I own to the insurance guy!) I do the same with my scarves, but I wait until I have 4 or 5 new scarves ... I don't send him a pic of every scarf!

    I also have photos of everything on a photo sharing site (I use shutterfly). That way they're on "someone else's" server in case something happens to the photos on my computer. I've put photos of the receipts on shutterfly, too, but of course that all is password-protected ... I want friends and family to see photos of us and our daughter -- not evidence of my raging H habit!
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    One thing folks may wish to consider is thinking of their H (or other luxury items) as a collection. Our agent has suggested getting a seperate rider (sp?) for my handbags because he sees them as a collection much like others collect Lladros or model train stuff. I am in the process of taking pics so I can do this.
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  6. I wanted to do that but you can't on a renters.
  7. A bit OT, but anyone know what size DVF goes up to? We need more/better plus-sized clothing!

    You can't have a rider on renter's insurance? Hmmm, I know we have one for my wedding ring (again, we are homeowners, though).

  8. FYI I could get separate riders on my renter's policy which is with Traveler's I think. Also, renter's insurance is good to have if someone hangout out at your house, like at a party, or fixing something for you gets hurt.
  9. Fatefullotus, I too am a HUGE DvF fan... :girlsigh: They just look SO GOOD on!

    As far as insurance... I bet Angel's insurance on her bags would be more than a hefty life insurance policy! :lol:
  10. Thanks! I just had a look but it seems if you shorten the dress you'll lose the details at the bottom ... shucks ... I hate it when this happens to short people with clothes lol!

  11. This is exactly what I did. The policy covers cash reimbursement for the full value of a new item (plus inflation or store markups).
  12. yep! i was glad to hear that HEAVEN FORBID a person's birkin gets stolen, my insurance compnay covers the CURRENT cost of a bag...including inflation.

    state farm does not have personal articles insurance to cover handbags though...that would include theft, damage or "mysterious disapperance." i have the personal articles for my watch though. they said they were "working on it."

    so if you ladies have State Farm, email or call and tell them you want personal articles insurance for your handbags!!! :biggrin:
  13. I have asked. they don't have it but my friend/agent said just present a receipt if its lost, stolen....or if my house burns down, etc...
  14. I spoke to my insurance company... (chubb) they quoted me $ over $4500 a year:wtf: just for my H bags... I was like... hey that is new bag!....still thinking.:shrugs:
  15. Hey! who the lovely in the avatar!:smile: