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  1. yeah my friend's jaw dropped when I put the value....and I was like Hermes and Manolo. haha
  2. ^^^ Lol!
  3. I have Statefarm renters' insurance. My clothing maximum is $10,000.
  4. but that is clothing not bags...
  5. ^ I don't understand the limits because the more your insure, the more the companies can make money with a higher insurance premium.
  6. Thanks, GG! SO had brought this up weeks ago but I wasn't sure how to go about it. I'm pm'ing you a question!
  7. fatefullotus - Can you imagine ... if you have 2 Chanel suits that's already 10,000 lol!
  8. I was told they all went into the same category (personal effects, or something like that) -- bags, shoes, clothing. The $10,000 I quoted was the standard amount of coverage with my policy. I had to purchase additional for anything beyond that amount. So I purchased additional to cover shoes and bags. China was an additional expense -- they only covered a 'standard' amount for household items (don't remember the number for this, though). I remember fur being an additional purchase as well (though I don't own any).
  9. LaVan -- perhaps I'm being unclear. Sorry! Basic renters' insurance only covers up to a certain amount. If you believe your closet/collection is worth more than that amount, you would have to purchase additional insurance to cover it. That's what I was referring to -- having to purchase additional coverage beyond the standard renter's policy.
  10. LOL I wish! I own precisely ONE Chanel jacket... which I received through my aunt's Lending Program. :shame: I purchased additional coverage for my clothing, but that's really to cover my miles of DVF dresses and the like. I wish I had more Chanel suits to cover. One day! :love: And you'll be the first person I tell, La Van! :yes:
  11. ^^ Oooh, DVF dresses are lovely! I saw a couple that I really liked a couple of season ago and I so regret not buying them! Crap!
  12. looking at says nothing about limits on clothing...but..

    1,000 limit on theft of jewelry, watches and fur garments....and garments trimmed with fur...precious and semi-precious stones.

    and I know I moved my 1k limit up for misc jewelry.
  13. ^--- I have rows of DVF dresses because they're flattering on my less than perfect form and they're foolproof. :sweatdrop: I just picked one up for the summer actually, that now makes me think would be perfect for you for one reason. No, make that 2 lovely reasons! :yes:

  14. Strange! I'm going to take a look at mine tonight and let you know what it says exactly. I remember the jewelry section, and I recall that being higher than $1K. Perhaps the difference is due to geography? :shrugs:
  15. OMG!!! This is gorgeous and will look perfect for my Kellys ... Pinko and even Tokyo Orange! I wonder if you can hem the length since I'm tiny, which website is this?