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  1. Yeah, best get yourself down to Hermes and buy at least two more bags ;)

    P.S. Are you in Finnish Lapland? I went there to do a husky safari for a week....amazing!
  2. You have seen more of Lapland than me, then :shame: :lol: I live in Helsinki.
  3. I have USAA insurance as well. Did they ask you for a receipt copy or anything like that?

    Off. I remember when my husband was away and told me to call to USAA insurance about his guns(he collects this stuff). It was hilarious when agent ask me-what kind of pistol it is you want to add to your policy? I said-Well, it's
    How the hell you'd describe a gun? :shrugs:My husband still remembers it and laughing.
  4. my policy (homeowners) covers my bag for theft in and out of home. it is less 500 dollar deductible. also, they will cover the bag's worth at present. if you got a birkin for 5K and it's worth 8K now, they would cover it for 8K.

    hang on to the receipt!

    unfortunately they do not have a handbag policy to cover "mysterious disappearance" and "damages" to the bag.
  5. Thanks for the information everyone. :smile:
  6. someone had made a comment, kind of a joke, about only their SA, DH, and insurance company knowing the cost of their Hermes. i was thinking and this just furthered that thought of the insurance. as my collection is growing. should one adjust their ins. and take pics...? are they going to think i am nuts...? do you get special coverage for bags like you do some jewelry? i thought i would ask you guys before so i know what to say to my ins. co.
  7. There was a thread a while back about insurance. I do insure my bags under my homeowners, but depending upon your coverage, anything over a certain price may be an addendum and cost you an additional premium (ie. like jewelry).
  8. I have started a file including pictures and copies of the receipts for every H item and to push paranoia to the extreme, I have a copy at the bank in the safe deposit box. I would check with your insurance what their policy is.
  9. I was having a chat the other day with one of the SAs at my store. He asked me about insurance, etc and I told them since we are just renting right now and don't own we have renters insurance, etc.

    he said or own...he recommends that I take a picture of each bag and make a copy of the receipt or just use the receipt...and attach the pics to the receipt...and put them in a safe place at a safety deposit or something like that.

    I thought it was a good idea so I am doing it!

    just wanted to pass this along. I told him I always thought that if something happened Hermes could pull up a receipt and have it. he said its not that easy and to def be prepared.

    so FYI. I thought I would pass this along.
  10. thanks GG .. good point .. it would certainly help to be prepared in advance .. just in case ..
  11. Thank you, I was thinking of doing this too but I didn't really know how to do so. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I had to send a photo of my bag to the insurance company, along with a copy of the receipt.
  13. I rent as well, and there's only a certain amount that is covered for clothing, including accessories. Anything beyond that amount must be insured separately. I had to provide receipts for all my bags and shoes (along with certified estimates for my china) for the additional coverage. GGal, be sure to check your policy for the clothing maximum.
  14. I think even if you rent, you can discuss with your insurance company that your basic household insurance should be calculated high enough to cover the bags! I agree with keeping the receipts and taking pictures!
  15. oh I did. my friend is my agent.

    go with Statefarm...they don't have maximums like that.....that is why I left Travelers.

    also Statefarm covers me in my dwelling and outside....100% unlike most renters.