Valuable Articles Insurance

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  1. I use Chubb, it is a separate policy from my homeowners. I (unfortunately) had to use the policy previously and they reacted quickly and I had a check within 48 hours.

    It covers everything that might not be covered on homeowners or excess . . . jewelry, furs, artwork, etc.
  2. I am sorry to say that I don't have an H bag, yet! But there is another thread of a member reporting that her Birkin was stolen by professional thieves who nicked it while she was in a restaurant. Her experience made me think that when I finally do get a bag, I will definitely look into insurance.
  3. Thanks all!!

    Gelbergirl - Sorry to hear that you had to use your coverage!! I also use Chubb. The actual policy is called Valuable Articles coverage. I have it for jewelry, etc, but never thought of doing that for a bag -- but it makes a lot of sense.

    Julide - as with the jewelry, I will need to submit appraisals. Why can't I get them from Hermes? That is where the bags came from? That seems so odd.

    When I call my broker tomorrow, I can just imagine what she will be thinking, "you spent what on a pocketbook???' and you have more than one???"

    and that is exactly why I should insure them!! Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!!

    Thanks for your guidance!!
  4. Any items that are purchased- I photograph and fax to my insurance company to be placed in my file. My bags and accessories are fully covered in case there is a loss.
  5. link-tified! is that a word? :confused1:
  6. Thank you! Vernilover!!! :flowers: And link-tified! :okay: sounds good to me!
  7. Thank you tPFer's - that is great information!!
  8. Chubb will insure expensive handbags under a scheduled/valuable article floater policy, but many other insurance companies will not do so. HOWEVER, most are covered under the general homeowner policy IF one has photographs, bill of sale etc. Of course, this will be coverage that is less the deductible. I have USAA insurance (for active/retired/reserve military officers only). I have had LENGTHY discussions with them on this subject.
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  9. Thanks everyone for sharing. :flowers:
  10. Both mine and my partners watches are named items on our policy as is my Birkin. On the morning I picked my bag up my other half called our insurers and he got them to put it on there. I then had to send them a copy of the receipt and now my bags insured for use outside the home as well so if it was damaged or stolen (:cry:smile: it would be covered

    In the UK anything over £1500 has to be named on the policy or it will not be covered
  11. Mooks – Who are you using for insurance in the UK? I’m having difficulty finding someone in the UK that covers items that are lost, damaged, or stolen outside the home…
  12. I asked my insurance company about insuring my only really expensive article, the Birkin. None of my furniture or electronical stuff is that expensive :lol:

    Well, I wasn't outright laughed at, but there's no way I can insure it as a valuable. It's covered by my homeowner's insurance as a normal household item. It was adviced that I photograph it and keep the receipt safe, in case something happens, so that I'm able to prove it was there, but it actually has no significance, because I must just make sure that my insurance covers the total value of all my stuff.

    AND if I use my B outside of my home (:okay::P), I should raise the level of my travellers insurance policy to cover it. All I can do is laugh, really.
  13. ^^^ Are you in the US? As I said on my post above anything over £1500 has to be named on UK policies plus my policy has new for old cover so if my Birkin was stolen in 5 years time they'd pay out for a brand new one
  14. Nope, in the Nordic country where Santa lives :lol: If I had a painting, a fur, a golf bag, a piano, 2 carat diamond ring etc, I could list it as a valuable, but not a single bag. Maybe when I have two, then it would be a collection and they do say 'a collection of valuable items' is eligible.

    Oh my :idea: I must buy another Birkin immediately :roflmfao: