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  1. Great advice! We do this for our jewelry without blinking an eye. Definitely a must do!
  2. very good idea, especially the pics part even for your own insurance files.
  3. Thanks for the great breakdown, K! :yes:
  4. Excellent idea! Thanks for suggesting it .. and for the detailed info on how to do it!
  5. mine are insured and my agent has pics along with receipts. I keep copies of everything myself also
  6. :confused1: May I ask which insurance company was this? State Farm will not do an additional rider. Our fine jewelry/watches are insured with Chubb, and Fireman's Fund previously, but they don't insure handbags. We really want to get a seperate rider for them.
  7. I bumped up our homeowner's policy to cover my bags and jewelry. Definitely call them and ask.
  8. My jewwlery and handbags are on a seperate policy that is linked with our homeowners
  9. Thank u ladies for the valuable info-I will look into insuring my bags tomorrow!!
  10. That's what we had to do.
  11. Hi all,
    I spoke with my insurance broker last week to update my insurance coverage for personal items, like jewelry and art -- She asked if I had any other items that were of significant value that I might want to insure -- and I thought of some my bags... especially my Hermes bags.

    Do any TPFer's itemize their Hermes bags? Can you please share your experiences?
    I would love some guidance! :confused1:

    Thank you!!!
  12. Thanks for starting this thread. I have homeowner's coverage with jewelery itemized but have not yet itemized my bags. I am interested to hear what other tPFrs do in this regard.
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  13. This is a great topic, and I recall at least a couple of threads about insuring bags. In case you haven't already, you may want to do a search .
  14. Hi! There are a couple of threads about insurance. Let me se if I can find them again...
  15. ok here they are...I don't know how to do links so you will have to search them out! I hope this helps!
    Hermes won't give me an evaluation for insurance purposes
    get um INSURED!!
    Hermes appraisers - where to find?
    OMG! Birkin/kelly Insurance