1. Just saw a couple of Valparaiso bags at my local Hermes today and I love them! Anybody can post more photos or share your feeling on this please?
    hermes valparaiso.jpg valparaiso1.jpg valparaiso3.jpg
  2. I think it's a great alternative to the every popular Garden Party Tote, which has no flap. For a klutz like me who tend to drop my bags and empty the contents out, the Valparaiso would be a good alternative, with a flap, to keep everything in.

    There is another new tote this season which was also mentioned on this forum. I can't recall which thread it was, and if a picture had already been posted. It's also a canvas tote, but with a long leather strap tied around the front (reminds me of the kelly flat's extra long straps)
  3. I had seen the bag in smaller size in the orange color and loved it ,thinking of getting it in the near future
  4. Oh I´ve never seen that model before. I like it´s simplicity.
  5. Is the strap meant to go over the shoulder?