Valparaiso or Herbag Cabas

  1. Dear Girls and Guys,

    I am leaving town for a week's holiday(the first real holiday in FIVE years!). That's right. I'm out to do damage..... Well, I need to get a new bag. Something I can put my laptop in. Sorry, but the Garden Party would just change shape and would loll to one side and I cannot bear to put a laptop in my Birkin. The bag is heavy enough. But any of you own the Valparaiso? Any comments/feedback on the utility of the bag. Is it troublesome to open and close? The handle is made of canvas - does this warp quickly?

    I was wondering if the Herbag Cabas would be a better idea......if they have it in stock. I hear they have plenty in BKK.

    Do let me know what you guys think. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hmmmm..................all I can say is that you will have an easier time finding the Valparaiso. I don't think it's too much trouble to open.
  3. I love the "V" that's the one I vote for!