Valmour, Meltonian or John Lobb?

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  1. I'm off to Paris again and time to get H care creams. Has anyone here tried these and which do you recommend restocking, please?
  2. The only one of those three that I've used is Meltonian, but it is fairly easy to find in the US, so if I were making a trip to Paris, I'd get the one that is not available where you live.
  3. Valmour is the one difficult to get in the US
  4. Thanks ladies. I've only used Valmour, so I thought perhaps someone who's used all three can share on how they fare comparatively. I guess I should just stick to trusted ol' Val mour Saphir :biggrin:
  5. Love saphir, and it is available by mail order online in the US too now I heard.
  6. I've heard good times about Meltonian, although I haven't used it myself.
  7. what is this , what does it do?:confused1:
  8. These are leather care creams used, even by H craftsmen, to refurbish or condition bags. So for those times when you want to quickie-spa your bag without sending it in, you can use a little to pamper them a bit
  9. TammyD, thanks! What a fantastic thing to do! I must get some too... this is great info. :nuts:
  10. I wasn't clear, I use the saphir for my shoes as a in between taking them in for the 'professional' shine LOL. I like the consistancy, it is easy to work with.
  11. i prefer the hermes leather care line, from the saddlery department - the baume renovant would be similar in consistency and application to meltonian, though the saddle oil and lait nettoyant are also nice to have. they smell divine!

  12. H saddle balm does smell good!
  13. Can you use the saddle cream/oil on box leather?
  14. Claude, the craftsman at the Madison Ave store in NYC, told me to use either Meltonian or John Lobb once or twice a year, depending on how low or high the humidity is where your bags live (ie, NYC apt's are notoriously over-heated and dry and bags kept there would need a bit twice a year).