Mar 17, 2006
Does anyone know anything about the old "Italian Hermes" brand Valextra, that's been recently revived? Here are a couple of photos I found online.


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I have seen them at Saks. They are very $$$ and equally unexciting. Saks got rid of Delvaux because it wasn't moving and put in Valextra. I would rather spend more on Hermes.
I have three of these handbags and I must say that they are worth every penny. Also, they do not have the ubiquitous logo on them that every other "high end" bag has. I would recommend them to anyone. Sometimes you have to pay for quality!
I've checked them out a couple times at my local Neiman's. They look like a good investment piece- Extremely high quality, and the shapes are simple and basic, so they'd probably never look dated at all.

I read somewhere that the leather bags are treated w/ a special repellant that allows them to withstand up to 20 minutes in the rain w/out being damaged (don't know if this includes the acid raid we have here in L.A., though!)
Does anyone know anything about the old "Italian Hermes" brand Valextra, that's been recently revived? Here are a couple of photos I found online.

Hermes is a great company with excellent quality, however, Valextra is one of its own. The company started in 1937 by Giavanni Fontana with a primary line of leather luggage. They won the coveted "Golden Compass" award in 1954 for their "24 hour" bag, which later became a permenant piece in the MoMa in New York City. The company started to reintroduce themselves about 3 years ago, and actually brought the original craftsman out of retirement. This company is dedicated to quality. Each piece is handcrafted from start to finish by one set of hands. The attention to detail in unbelievable. My husband and I personally own several pieces and it is fantastic merchandise. I always choose my Valextra over my Chanel, Gucci, or Hermes.

It is available at Barneys in Dallas Texas.
I have owned several of their bags and currently have two. Never deliberately stood in a downpour for twenty minutes, but I do live in Oregon so that should count for something. Lots of rain here and no water damage to my Valextras. I try to keep them reasonably dry, but don't go to great lengths with rainbags or anything like that. To date, no water spots or blistering of any kind.
i think Barney's just started carrying them online if you want to check out some styles and prices. Also, i think* Megs covered it in one of her posts on the blog. I may have made that up though. If that post doesn't actually exists, can I put in a request to cover it?
I finally had a chance to see the Valextra line in person today at Barneys. They had new mini versions of the Boston and the Babila that I had never seen before. I believe the prices for these were in the neighborhood of $1800. I also had a chance to look at the Valextra/Frers Design soft trunk. It was quite heavy so I can only imagine how heavy it would be with a weekend's worth of clothes.

So, now that I've had a chance to look and feel, I'm definitely a fan! I would love to see more posts from other admirers of this brand.