1. I have been reading the forum for a long time and finally worked up my courage to post ... I have seen some questions in the past from people about Valextra, but no posts from anybody who actually owned one ... Am seriously considering a Valextra, but hoped for some feedback from someone who actually had one, before I dished out serious money on it. Thanks. P.S. Same question but about Gilli ... Have been fascinated by one of the Gilli cube bags for awhile, and it looks totally cute for bumming around in jeans. But I was wondering if anyone had any personal experiences with it.
  2. I always look at how expensive they are...that turns me away. They are REALLY pricey. They are very structured too. I too will be interested in hearing who owns Valextra and what they think.
  3. I'm planning on buying a Valextra bag in the next month or so, and have learned quite a bit from a few very informative posts at Just enter "Valextra" in the search field and read the listed posts, which are full of info. and photos (the owner of the site owns some of the bags and just raves about them). The bags are comparable to Hermès and are spectacularly elegant and restrained in person. HTH
  4. Hi I don't know anything about Valextra. So thanks for sharing your concerns.

    :welcome: to the forum. Glad to have you here. I hope you find us a friendly bunch!
  5. I personally own two handbags, a computer case, and several small accessories from Valextra. It is amazing merchandise, and VERY worth the price. Extremely sophisticated...Barneys in Dallas has a huge selection of colors, sizes, and exotic leathers.

    Unlike most leather goods, Valextra stands behind their product.
  6. Went to their website. Looks like the love child of a Birkin and LV Epi Leather. :roflmfao:
  7. Very clever Prada Psycho. That's it exactly. I like it, but not willing to pay that price... it is truly a LUXURY brand.
  8. I own six pieces - two shoppers (one in white, one in tan), two Bostons (one in black and one in red), a small linea S in white, and a white wallet. After my first Valextra, I sold every other bag in my closet to make room for (and help finance) what is now almost exclusively Valextra in my collection. They are expensive, but I consider them to be timeless and I will have them for a long, long time. I hardly even glance at any others, which will save me money in the long run. :graucho:

    While they are very clean and restrained in their design, they DO get noticed. I get compliments on mine every time I carry them. I think it is because they are almost unusual for their simple design, and for that they stand out, ironically.

    If you can, just try one of the bags and see what you think. The medium Boston is a great one to start with, or the shopper, which is a great shoulder bag. Mine in tan goes with almost everything, so you will get plenty of use from it. Aggie at Barneys NY has sold me every Valextra I own, and over the phone because I live in Oregon. She is very helpful with measurements, photos, and descriptions of the leather and colors. Plus she is just a delightful person and understands my new addiction.
  9. I art directed some photoshoots this week at an "art hotel". In one, the models were "checking in" and "relaxing in the lobby". I had used shots of Valextra luggage in the tears for the stylist but she was unable to score any. :sad: She did, however get a white LV that was cute.
  10. I too have been curious about those cute little Gilli square-ish bags that I have only seen on the yoox website......
    it may be worth just ordering one to your liking since they do have a return policy....depending on if there are any codes, you'll just have to pay for the initial shipping and a restock fee of $5.
    There's a 15% discount this weekend.........
    Good luck - hope someone comes up w/answers for you!
  11. I thought they made only suitcase... I guess they are like other Italian luggage producers which launched handbags lines (Samsonite and Bric's). Out of curiosity I checked their site. Although one can clearly see that the quality is outstanding, I find their design a bit too "clean". I like plain and simple, and I think their suitcases are fab, but for me is the same situation for all the three of them. The fact that you can produce excellent suitcases does not necessarily translate into great bag design. Perhaps outstanding quality and long lasting bags, but a bit lacking in the design side.
  12. Valextra is my favorite handbag design house. I love structure and simple, classic styles so that's probably why I love this brand. The medium Boston is my avatar- retails for $2100- not as pricey as Hermes. I would definitely own more if I could afford to. I have a medium Boston and the round coin case. The leather is fabulous- looks like a linen crosshatch pattern. They make all their items in one factory in Milan. Adrienne at the Dallas Barneys is extremely knowledgeable about the brand and has traveled to their factory several times. She can tell you all about how they dye their leathers in Switzerland and other details that I forgot. Someday I would love to have one of their hard-sided make up cases.
  13. I started stalking the Valextra site after the Martha handbag episode when her daughter busted out her $4600 bag. I think they are SO classic.