Valetine Flap -- Recolor or not?


Recolor this valentine flap or not

  1. Yes - It needs new color!

  2. No - It is pretty and unique as it is now!

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  1. I finally received the valentine flap and as described by the seller it is discolored dramatically on the front and top. Interestingly enough, it now has a color gradient from top to bottom, which actually looks pretty unique. It blends in pretty well with the multicolor heart chain as well. So I am now debating if I should take it to Chanel to have it recolor or not. Please give me some suggestions ladies :heart:

  2. Congratulations on your purchase! I say re-colour by chanel
  3. Yes, mabey a darker pink gradient.
  4. Congrats on your purchase! I would recolor to a darker pink
  5. would say recolor too
  6. Why don't you carry it around, maybe around the house, for a while? See how it works with you. Try it with different outfits. If the gradient starts to annoy you, then re-colour. If it still appeals to you, then stick with it for a while. That's my opinion anyway........
  7. i think you should get it recolored
    the gradient is really pretty but it gives it such a worn out look?
  8. Recolored ... good luck
  9. I voted yes. To me, the bag looks kind of worn out and I'm just not a fan. I know some bags have coloring like that but (to me) that doesn't look "natural" or like they meant to do that.
  10. love your valentine flap!!! i vote to recolor it too to bring back its original lusciousness. btw, where did you find it?? I've been trying to find one but to no avail. sigh*
  11. recolour IMO :biggrin:
  12. Congratulations on your baby's arrival :smile:
    Just savor the moments and bond with her. When you're ready to let her outta sight for a bit, take her to Chanel. Be sure to look at the repair ticket and that it says dye to one color versus clean it. They know it's original shade. Cost should be around $165-$185 tops. If you think you're in love now, wait til it comes back!!!
  13. u got her? Congrats to ur great find!

    She's fabulous....i would definitely want her to be re-color as the color actually faded so much
  14. They pop up and eBay now and again but as far as finding one new, this style is a few years old. I'd also check reputable consignment shops.
  15. I vote to recolor your gorgeous new baby too! :heart: Congrats on such an amazing find btw, yay! :yahoo: I love the bright, vibrant magenta pink the flap is supposed to be, and the faded color the flap part has turned to is not that saturated pink color. :smile: If you do decide to recolor, I can't wait to see "after" pics! :tup: Good luck! :heart: