Valet keyfobs, pros and cons please?!

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  1. I need a new keychain. I think I want one of the valet turnlock keyfobs, but I wonder if it will come undone and I will lose a part or something. Please give me the pros and cons of your valet keyfobs please :biggrin:
  2. Im curious to hear responses on this too - they are so cute. I loved that Legacy one that was out a while ago.
  3. Are you talking about the one that have keychain at both end and it connect by the turnlock in the middle?

    If yes, Me and DB have a pair also so that way we can exchange car key and other key we need at time.. We have it for 2 years already.. It work great. No other part have come undone or broken.. I love it.. it so easier when we exchange key..
  4. Well I have one, but don't always keep the pieces together so I can't really comment on if it stays put :P But it seems pretty sturdy!
  5. that is the exact one I was talking about! Glad to know that it stands up well!
  6. That is funny!
  7. I definitely want to get one of these too! I don't go places that require me to valet park much, but I already store my keys on separate key rings that are linked together. The whole valet keyfob would make it so much easier to take them apart or just take the set I need. Thanks for starting this thread Mokey!
  8. I have one too and it really comes in handy. Car keys on one end, all the others on the other end. I take it apart when driving so all the weight isn't pulling down while my key is in the ignition. Anyway, it has only come apart without me taking it apart like a couple of times. The little piece you twist screws on. If you twist it clockwise several times it gets tighter and won't come apart. After I figured that out it hasn't come apart on me. I've also noticed to be metal, it doesn't really get scratched up too badly.
  9. That is exactly what I want to do too! Plus, there are times when you forget something in the house and want to run back in without taking the keys off or turning the car off :P Thanks for the tip on tightening the lock on it too!
  10. you are very welcome! I have been pondering on this a while now :P I have never done valet parking so I wouldn't know the slightest about that ;p
  11. Honestly, I've only done it in Vegas, at a special occasion where valet is provided (e.g., wedding), or at a place that ONLY has valet parking. Imagine that huh? It's kinda fun and makes you feel celeb sometimes, but I went to a restaurant once and saw a valet guy actually back a pickup truck into a pole! YIKES!!! Bf and I were sitting in the car and saw it. Word of caution - always check your car when the attendant pulls your car up. Haha!

    Sorry to get off topic a bit! Haha!
  12. ^ Yikes! That is crazy!
  13. I own one and love it but it has come apart a few times and once my house key section fell in the parking lot but someone was walking behind me and picked it up and gave it to me...that could have been a problem! I am going to see if I can adjust it though since it is so nice.
  14. I have the turnlock valet keyfob with the pink Cs and the pieces kept coming apart because the turnlock became loose. Then I handed it to hubbie who did "something" and now the turnlocks are nice and tight. I also had the Amanda valet keyfob but that became very tarnished after about a year of use. Probably user error. LOL!
  15. Thanks for all the views! Keep them coming, pros and cons!