valet key holder

  1. does anyone own the valet key holder?
    will it attatch onto the d ring in my speedy? i am constantly having to rumage for my car keys and my bfs getting sick of me thinking iv lost them:blush: and re tracing my steps only to find them in my bag 10 mins of panic later. thought this would be a good solution.
  2. It probably will but it might be hard to unhook quickly..I don't really know how it opens but it looks like it will be a little complicated to unhook multiple times. It seems to be one of those ones where you pry the end up then slide your keys around on the ring.
  3. I think it'd be pretty troublesome to have to unhook it and hook it back all the time? Why don't you use a pochette cles?
  4. thanks for your opinions. iv already got a cerise cles that i use for my house keys but i carry so much junk in my bag i have to kinda fish around for it. thought the valet might just be an easy option.
  5. yes it will be you'd be better off with a bolt key holder, it would be easier to get on and off the d ring.
  6. Here's what I do with my d-ring when I want to attach keys: go to hardware store or similar and buy a clip on key reel. It's basically a retractable reel of string, sometimes you clip your ID badge to one if you work in a secrure building for instance.

    Attach the key reel to the d-ring and your key ring to that, then you can not only always find it, but pull it all the way out of your bag, still attached.
  7. I tend to hook my keys like this...

  8. here you go... :smile: :yahoo:
  9. Or you could use a carabiner (is that what that is called?)
  10. Ooooooooooooooo you're talking about one that is on a pull out string sorta deal. .. cool idea :biggrin:
  11. Here is a key reel


    The string is on a spool inside the circular part.
  12. The valet keychain is THE best and most practical keychain LV has EVER made. I highly recommend it. I have it in framboise. I don't know if it will attach to the d-ring in a speedy because I don't own any speedys.

    Does anyone know if they will be making this in the new pomme color?
  13. ^ looks great in framboise. i'd love to try it too!
  14. I love the Cerises Cles!! :love:

    I'm paranoid about the keys scratching the interior of my bag and scratching everything else in my bag so I love the Cles for keys!
  15. The extensions key chain is great, because the hook is much easier to take off a d-ring than the clasps on the normal cles types. I use mine for keys and hook it onto my d-rings and i love it.