valet key holder - vernis frambrois availability?

  1. I have finally settled on the valet key holder as a gift for friend, but now find out from my visit today to the LV in SF that it is sold out!!- Only available in the vachetta and black.

    Any suggestions on a store that might have one available? - I checked the LV boutique in Bloomies & NM today also.

    My friend wears a lot of black already, so she really needs a small, bright accessory- Lives in SF proper, so the valet holder is ideal and I don't think the cles will hold the whole bunch of her keys.

  2. call 866 and they can locate one for you and ship it to you!!!
  3. Thanks! - Will check that tonight!
  4. Thanks again for the suggestion -

    The 866 # connected me with a store in So. Cal and the valet holder in framboise is being shipped tomorrow!
  5. ^^ Good, congrats!