Valet Key Holder in Vernis

  1. Hi :smile:

    What do you think about this???

    Here a pic:


    It only exists in Raspberry.

    Anyone have it?

    I think it´s very cute :love:
  2. dont have one but love it, i think it would look cute hanging off a bag.
  3. I think Elle (Lulu) has one.
    I think it's cute and would look cute as a bag charm, as Bag Fetish said. :yes:
  4. Yup it would look hot as a bag charm!
  5. So cute!
  6. Bag charm... I'm still debating on getting it and will probably make a decision when they're all gone!:nuts:
  7. Very The Color!
  8. Its so cute and I have been wanting it since forever but again, it's one of those small accessories that is going to end up in my closet not being used lol
  9. I think so...:heart:

    Have you any idea about its aprox. price?:wondering
  10. They're $285 US and there are these versions:
    Framboise Vernis
    And a flat black one (not sure if it's supposed to be from a certain line at all)
  11. I picked one up when I bought my Framboise bags because I'm a sucker for small matching accessories :sweatdrop: Unfortunately, I never ended up using it (I technically don't even car keys to use it with! :lol:).
  12. Lol Lulu. We're accessory addicts. :lol:
  13. love it in the vernis super hot!!!
  14. Definitely I´ll buy it in Vernis :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I´m in loveeeee :love:

    Thank you so much! You´re very quickly!
  15. Vernis is the cutest of all ....i love the color :smile: