Valentino's First Professional Photoshoot!!

  1. omg, he's adorable!!!!
  2. He's so cute! I love the pics!
  3. Wow...what great photos! Valentino sure is handsome!
  4. those came out so good!!!
  5. Valentino is a handsome boy! You must be such a proud mommy!
  6. Awesome pictures and cute doggie!
  7. OMG!!! Amazing Valentino is so lucky :heart:
  8. thank you! thank you everyone! I'm sure am a proud mommy!

    the other day i was watching the pictures on TV and Valentino growled at them...haha he's so silly lol
  9. Oh wow. Wonderful pictures :love:
  10. Stylish! Just like his mommy I'm sure! You go Valentino! :heart::heart::heart:
  11. he says Thank you! He's actually MORE stylish than his mommy lol