1. It looks like it's smiling!
  2. lol it does
  3. It looks really nice.
  4. LOL! It's a pretty bag!
  5. I love it. It looks like the perfect spring/summer bag.
  6. I like it :biggrin:
  7. It reminds me of a fortune cookie...but I love it. :biggrin: The leather looks beautiful.
  8. Nice bag.....the fortune cookie huh? Well, I suppose it would be good for the upcoming Chinese New Years if you were sporting it:P

  9. Very classy. i like it!
  10. very pretty, i love the subtle rope detail, fits in with summer's nautical trend without being trendy.
  11. Very beautiful - would be lovely for spring....
  12. I like it! It's not too detailed or anything too.