Valentino urban lace satchel

  1. Hi all. Still relatively new here, but I do have a quick "what would you do?" question.

    I popped into Saks off 5th last night, and found the Valentino Garavani urban lace satchel for about $665, which is a whopping 70% off retail. This is a gorgeous bag, and the leather is absolutely TDF! :heart:

    I have 3 options, and I'm not quite sure what to do.
    1- be glad I got to hold an original Valentino in my hands and be done with it (what I should do)

    2- buy the bag as an investment option, and eventually resell it to raise the rest of the money I need to get the Chloe' bag that I would wear MUCH more often.

    3- buy the bag and get to hold an original Valentino in my hands as often as I want and put myself on a purse ban, which means no Chloe (pout) for quite some time.

    ...And btw, no Valentino subforum on here? Am I the only one who thinks this bag is ridiculously beautiful. Tell me what you think please. Thanks!
  2. WOW! It's a great bag....I'd bag it and keep it. For that price you can't leave it.

  3. I have it on hold until the store closes tonite. My brain tells me to purchase and resell - but my bag-loving little heart tells me to buy it and prance around with it at home while I'm wearing my pajamas and massage the sore jaw I'll get from smiling the entire time!

    I'm going to drive myself batty over this until I get to leave work.