Valentino Store Return Policy

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  1. I'm facing a massive dilemma, and would appreciate the input of any PFers.

    My fiance and I are having a non-conventional wedding - we're not doing a ceremony and I'm not wearing a wedding dress. We only want to have a nice celebration dinner with our close friends and family (around ~80 people), for which I bought a beautiful Valentino lace dress yesterday. black. I loved the black when I tried it on. I knew it wasn't the best color for a wedding celebration, but they also didn't have the red in my size, so I went for the black. I bought it at the Valentino boutique here in NYC, and I knew that their store policy was no returns, only store credit.

    But I did it anyway. However, after I brought it home, my mom freaked out and is insisting that I exchange it for red. The store says that they have to contact their buyer to see if they can locate the red anywhere. In the meantime, I found that Saks has the dress available online.

    I don't know what to do. It's my own fault that I bought the dress knowing that I couldn't return it, but now I'm freaking out that they won't be able to find the red anywhere, and I'll end up having to wear the black, or having to shell out another $4k for the red at Saks.

    Does anyone have experience with exceptions with the store return policy?
  2. Buy the red dress from Saks

    Use the store credit at Valentino to buy yourself a handbag and a pair of shoes
  3. A lot of times they can locate the item somewhere else. Why don't you try it exchanging it first before giving up?
  4. I do not have any advice except maybe try the truth and explain your dilemma. Sometimes, if an SA or a manager knows the situation they might make an exception. It isn't like you are trying to wear it and return it and it sounds like you settled for the black, when it wasn't really your first choice. For such a special occasion one shouldn't have to settle! The dress does sound stunning and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. I wish you all the best:smile: