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  1. such lovely shoes! The second picture is so beautiful!
  2. :nuts:WOW, that color is gorgeous!! I havnt seen it before!!!

  3. thanks, dbeth and fumi!!
  4. Congratulation on your first pair! May there be many to follow hehe ;)

    I ordered the lace espadrilles over the weekend, still waiting for a dispatch email, seriously can't wait to see them in person!
  5. Hi ladies, I'm dying for a pair of valentino rock stud flats and am hoping to find them on sale somewhere? If anyone has any idea of availability for a 37.5 please PM me! Thank you :hugs:
  6. I got my first...second...and third pair of Valentinos within the last month! The jellies suddenly appeared on Saks website one evening and I had really wanted the beige color so I snapped them up. The kitten heels were an eBay find, and the wedges were a sale purchase from Neiman online. Whew! My Valentino shoe expedition is a success!
    val3.jpg val4.jpg val5.jpg val7.jpg val8.jpg
  7. Those are three great shoes!
  8. Wow! Congrats on Valentino shoes 1-3! They are gorgeous! :smile:
  9. Love them all!!!! You may have convinced me to try to find a pair of the jellies in that color :biggrin:
  10. Thank you, Fumi, hellokatiegirl and amusedcleo. I wish you luck finding this color, it's a great neutral, at first I thought it would be more pink but it's very beige. I love the jellies in the black too but now that they're on sale I"m sure my size is all sold out.
  11. I love Valentino shoes :smile: I saw some great deals at harrods! If theres further reductions next week, I may get some! :smile:
  12. Dropped by the Valentino boutique for lunch today....thought I would share the Friday 'eye candy'!

    New Rockstud booties! I was surprised by how amazing they look with so many different styles:smile:.
    image-2558384187.jpg image-690200609.jpg image-1874503446.jpg image-3900276176.jpg image-1002560687.jpg
  13. New rockstud styles for fall...
    image-4045320578.jpg image-2014813114.jpg image-61018080.jpg image-3275474428.jpg
Thread Status:
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