Valentino sale on Bluefly would you buy?

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  1. Hello
    I wanted to get a red Valentino rockstud tote and it's available for a rather good sale price in Bluefly! Are they reputable? I have never purchased from them ! Thanks
  2. I'm hesitating over the same thing.. I want a pair of Valentino shades from them but am hesitant. I've heard good things and I've heard bad.

    From what I know, the stuff comes from the "bluefly marketplace", so I don't know if that means different sellers like Amazon.. might want to wait for others replies obviously :smile: haha
  3. I've seen ample amounts of threads on here claiming that people have received fakes from BF in the past, most notably with Balenciaga and Gucci. If you do a Google search on the topic or a search on here, I'm sure you can pull up the threads, they're from quite some time ago. I'm not saying or claiming that they do or do not sell authentic goods, I would just suggest that you do your research to decide whether or not it's worth it to you based upon other's experiences on here.
  4. I got my first Valentino glamrock from bluefly, the key is to make sure the item is refundable, you can always get it authenticated if you doubt it and if you are not convinced then return it. I have had several buys with bluefly and had no issues with them. Good luck