Valentino rockstuds nightmare

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  1. Im having a valentino rockstuds caged flats NIGHTMARE every time im trying to wear them im having so many blisters everywhere at the back of my feet as well as on my little fingers the leather at the U shape is so hard im desperate dunno what to do HELP! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458950031.989354.jpg anybody else is facing the same problem???
  2. I have heard feedback that the Rockstud flats can be particularly painful. I would recommend trying to take them to the store where you purchased them (or a trusted shoe repair shop) to have the front toe box stretched. As for the back, lightly swipe a touch of rubbing alcohol on the inside and try wearing them around the house with thick socks to break them in more. When you do wear them out you could try an anti-friction stick like the one Band-Aid makes as well.
  3. They are honestly the most painful flats on earth. I only wear mine to sit-ins or restaurants. I would suggest buying heel protectors (they don't help with these shoes much, but a little), and try a stretcher. I would have returned them if I didn't wait so long to wear them :sad:
  4. Mine are painful. I have the flats not caged ones. I also have a problem with th e sizing. I ordered a 39 as I am always a 39 and they have now started slipping at the back, even though the front still really hurts so I am not sure sizing down half would have helped this problem. I have just ordered some heel grips hopefully this helps. Does anyone else have these problems?
  5. Try applying surgical tape to where it always blisters, before u wear it.
  6. It's amazing but I've had no problems with mine. I have narrow feet so maybe that's why? I usually have issues with most shoes. I haven't purchased any cage but was afraid that the top part would bother me.
  7. Sorry to hear that hun... I can relate, I actually just took my shoes off and my pinkies are the death of me :nogood: It's how I found this thread, I googled "valentino rockstud painful" LOL

    I have the caged flat in Noir in matte leather (I'm told it's more forgiving than patent) and while it did stretch a bit and softened with use, the toebox is still too narrow for my relatively narrow foot.

    To soften the leather, I did walk around the house with socks on, but for the most part I sort of tortured myself and just wore it on my commute to work (I take the subway). Since the vamp and sides are so low, I couldn't wear footslips because they will show, and it's quite unsightly.

    I got blisters at the back of my foot in the beginning too, what helped was putting padding like Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz. After that I didn't get blisters or feel anything painful at the back anymore.

    I'm already thinking of selling it, but it was a birthday present last year :sad:
  8. My pinky was killing me as well; I bought some toe pads for heels (little oval shaped pads), stuck it where my pinky hits the shoe and it made a world of difference. 🙂
  9. Maybe try putting on super strong Blister Bandaids before wearing them? I always keep some in my bag when I know I'm going to be wearing painful shoes. I put them on my heel and it helps a lot. Also when my feet are dry I get worse blisters I find so maybe moisturize well before putting them on.
  10. I was wondering how they feel. They look great, but very narrow. I have slightly wider feet and pointy toe shoes kill my feet. I was hoping the flats wouldn't be so bad. I guess I won't be buying any rockstuds.

  11. Yeah, they really make your feet & wardrobe look fab, no doubt! Honestly I realised that I should've asked for a more forgiving pair; I thought my feet were narrow enough. Oh well...

    Great suggestions LibJames & jriyya, I'll try that!