Valentino Rockstud T-strap kitten heel

  1. Hi ladies!

    I saw a gorgeous pair of Valentino's in Bergdorf's spring catalog, but after calling to find out why these stunning shoes were not listed for sale in the catalog, I was told they were "props." Has anyone seen the rockstud T-strap pointy toe sandals with kitten heel? Particularly, the one with animal print fur or black lace on the toe?? It seems as if this style is sold out.
  2. Not that we don't want to help, but the girls in the Valentino shoe clubhouse know rockstuds VERY well. Ou might have better luck there

  3. Hi PearlsnFlats.

    The shoes you're describing sound like the rockstuds I got from the Fall 2011 collection. Are they similar to these?
  4. These are gorgeous!!
  5. Thank you cpdoll. And what's even better, they're comfortable!! :smile:
  6. I love these! In all colors. Am dying for a pair. Does anyone have any idea when they'll go on sale? I've seen the kitten heels in other colors at Saks
  7. They are just lovely!
  8. I saw a couple options on eBay going for 450$, don't have the seller link right now - take a look there.....I got my rockstud in Paris and I remember them being MUCH cheaper (500-600$)
  9. ah 450 would be perfect...sadly every pair I see on ebay are too small for my size 40. Will keep hunting!