Valentino Rockstud shoes - Will they become a classic? Worth the investment?

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  1. #1 Mar 7, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2016
    Like so many of you, I am REALLY loving the rockstud shoes- heels, kitten heels, flats etc. I think they are so incredibly beautiful to look at and help instantly enhance almost any outfit or look. I have already bought a few different colours and styles and keep craving more!!! It's so hard to resist when every season for the past many years they seem to be updated with different colours, materials, styles etc. But before I invest in buying any more of these crazy expensive shoes I'd like to know if members on this forum think this shoe is on its way to becoming a classic worth the investment or not?? I remember reading an article last year on purseblog about this exact topic and there were mixed opinions. So let's hear now what all of you on this forum think...

    Do you think that Valentino rockstud shoes will become a classic shoe (worth the investment)???

    Or do you think the Valentino rockstud shoe is just a trend and how long do you think till it's over???
  2. Well, the fact that they've been around for a number of years already kind of says something. I've been buying rockstuds for a long time and continue to buy more. I guess it is a matter of personal choice whether or not they're investment worthy?? I love mine, and the style works for me. I see them as classic for me but I don't tend to follow the trends. I wore rockstuds when no one else did (and I kind of liked it better that way).
  3. I also love the look of the rockstud shoes, and go back and forth as to whether I think they will stand the test of time. I have not purchased a pair (yet), but they always are on my mind when I'm thinking of buying a new pair of shoes. When I first saw them 4+ years ago I decided not to buy as they seemed too "trendy", but they are still around!
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  4. I am about to buy a pair for my bridal shoes and I'm doing the same debate!! I just don't know whether the money is better spent on Loubs but the rockstuds are gorgeous!! Gosh, I it's a tough decision for sure but they are gorgeous....
  5. I think they make lovely bridal shoes! And you can wear them again and again.
  6. I think it's become an icon rather than a classic.

    I define a classic as more a style than a specific shoe model. To illustrate how they are different to me: pointed pumps are a classic, but a Christian Louboutin Pigalle or a Manolo Blahnik Hangisi are icons. On the other hand, ballet flats are a classic, but I wouldn't consider a pair of Repetto flats as an icon.

    I consider gladiators or peeptoe booties as trendy, so I'd never invest in a pair.

    Either way, classics and icons are timeless and worth the money
  7. Rockstuds are much more versatile and classic (staple) than Louboutin. Plus, Louboutin are not comfortable. Rockstuds aren't the best for comfort, but Louboutins are terrible.

  8. Yes, it's so true! I knew I can't wear a Louboutin ever!!! It squeezes my toes too much!!!
  9. I love Louboutins but the ones I have tried are killers on my feet even trying them on in store, and I need to be able to walk in them!
  10. Same here, I was debating the rockstuds, then I found Loub's Simple Pumps! Something I can finally wear from CL. So I passed the rockstuds over and got the loubs instead.
    Easier to match with my wardrobe too.
  11. I think they are worth the investment. Shoes usually don't hold their values but I see used rock studs being sold on ebay for 450-500 pounds all the time. The retail price is 620 so thats damn good resale value.
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  12. I love my rockstuds. To me, any shoe is worth it if you will get your wear out of it. A shoe is useless if it just sits in your wardrobe looking pretty without being practical. Having said that, I own 3 pairs of Loubs and 2 pairs of rockstuds and I get a lot more use out of my rockstuds. I'm not into trends and I love shoes that are comfortable and also beautiful. Chanel shoes are also in that category for me and I love my Chanels too. Classic means different to different people, it's very subject in my opinion so buy what sings to your heart.
  13. I have really grown to love mine. I definitely think they are worth it. They also add a little edge to an outfit which I like.
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  14. Depends on your definition of "classic". I adore their shape (pointy slingbacks with laces up without needing to tie them myself-I hate having to tie and retie my shoe laces), which elongates legs so well, and the edgy twist added by the studs. The fit is perfect for my petite feet and comfort level is excellent for their heights.

    If you choose them in the colours black, neutrals or reds I don't imagine how they can be out of style.

    Also, back in 2012ish, some people said studs will go out of style etc. but they're still around and ever more sought after :smile: