Valentino Rockstud Flats - Wide Feet?

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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking into getting some Valentino Rockstud flats with the double straps, however, I have wide feet and don't want to risk buying shoes without having them work out for me. Any advice for me?
  2. bump* anyone?
  3. I have one wide foot (broke it several years ago and it didn't heal right). I will say I found the caged RS flats to be uncomfortable shoes. After about an hour of wearing them I would have a blister on my wide foot (pinky toe). Luckily I was able to sell them for exactly what I paid. Now all the RS shoes I own are sandal versions.
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  4. Thank you for the info :biggrin:
  5. I have really wide feet and found the caged flats to be comfortable when trying them on. But I didn't buy any as the only pair in my size on sale had a broken closure... if I were to find a pair in my size on sale I'd definitely get them. They are also cut for wide feet IMO, I usually have to wear 37, but the length of my foot is actually 36, I found the 36.5 to be most comfortable, but was also able to fit into 35.5... were a bit tight though so I only wanted to have 36.5
  6. I found that I have a problem with them digging in at the bone of the base of my pinky and it hurts if I wear them for more than an hour.
  7. the non caged ones would probably be better, the caged ones are uncomfy for most people (especially the patent). i find the non caged pretty comfy and i hate most flats.
  8. You can enlarge it by your shoes'reparing shop. I have mine enlarge , it help a lot , the shoes look wider.

  9. I have feet on the wide side and found the flats to be way more generous than the Valentino stilettos. That being said - there is a breaking in period where the shoes are uncomfortable .
  10. I finally found the caged flats in my size and while they were comfortable while trying on they hurt a lot when wearing them on a regular office day. I didn't wear any tights, so that might add to it... I got blisters at the back of my feet since the leather was so hard and digging into those places. One of my pinkys also felt a bit uncomfortable, but no blister and nowhere near as much pain as the back of my feet... I don't think I'll wear them without band aids for the next weeks...
  11. I too have wider feet. I find the best fit in Valentinos to be the Rockstud triple ankle strap with the kitten heel. These have a very pointed toe but seem to be roomier in the forefoot and the kitten heel is very walkable. In a US shoe I'm a true 9.5 C (a very difficult size to find). In Valentino's a 41 works most of the time but their pumps may still be too narrow - it really depends on the style. I wonder why top brand designers don't make their shoes in wider widths? The market is certainly out there! I own 4 pair of the
    triple strap kitten heel Rockstuds, 1 pair of the chunky low heeled sandle Rockstuds and the stack 1 in heel moto boot all in a 41 with a good fit. I've tried some of the pumps but they were just too narrow (even in a 41). I'm still looking for a mid heel pump (3 in or so) with a more generous forefoot. Any suggestions in other brands?
  12. Wow I actually found the heels were too wide for my narrow foot and the part where top of toes and opening is was way too loose on me I found the only rockstuds that fit my foot well so far are the ballet flats. I agree the sizing is very different I got a 40.5 in flats I'm usually a 41 in other shoes but when I tried the same size in heels they were too small . Sorry can't really help hope u find something that suits your feet
  13. I found the regular flats to be very wide-I had to sell mine because I kept falling out of them-my feet are on the average side.